The harvest looked like a failure. I've known this, been this, am this. Pg. 13, one thousand gifts devotional.

Today I feel like a failure. I feel a bit lost. Where is my place?

But I will count:

1. A bright and sunny space
2. A cloud filled sky that is rare and beautiful.
3. Raindrops on a hot September day.
4. A girl finding her worth through a soccer team.
5. A big ol' rainbow bright in the sky


I am alive

Years have passed.  It is odd how quickly that happens.
Children have grown.  It is sad how that happens.

I feel like writing again...


Home Depot

I took the kids to buy some flowers and tomato plants today. Abby wrote a detailed list of what she was looking for. Logan had this look while shopping. Ha! I love their different reactions to shopping. They make me giggle.


Kitchen countertops

I love it!!!!!!



Sprinkler Fun



March 16th 2013 = my 35th birthday

We spent the day eating picnics in the backyard on a big blanket in the spring sunshine.  We went on a bikeride.  We ate dessert first and dinner second. (Abby was so beyond thrilled for that) The kids wrote me thee most special cards--I'll have to post a pic.  They were wonderful.  We watched a family movie at night. Oh and I got a ring!!!!!  Happy Day. ♥