Grateful for a savior

Lately I feel all of the urgent need of a Savior all around me.  News reports.  Sick children.  Wars. Hardships of all kinds swirling around.  I am grateful for the One who conquered it all.  The One who literally conquered hell!  My soul is weary yet encouraged by His great great love for us!  My prayer is that I will feel his loving presence deeply in my spirit, so that in the midst of it all I will anchor my hope to the One who gave it all for me.


The harvest looked like a failure. I've known this, been this, am this. Pg. 13, one thousand gifts devotional.

Today I feel like a failure. I feel a bit lost. Where is my place?

But I will count:

1. A bright and sunny space
2. A cloud filled sky that is rare and beautiful.
3. Raindrops on a hot September day.
4. A girl finding her worth through a soccer team.
5. A big ol' rainbow bright in the sky


I am alive

Years have passed.  It is odd how quickly that happens.
Children have grown.  It is sad how that happens.

I feel like writing again...


Home Depot

I took the kids to buy some flowers and tomato plants today. Abby wrote a detailed list of what she was looking for. Logan had this look while shopping. Ha! I love their different reactions to shopping. They make me giggle.


Kitchen countertops

I love it!!!!!!