asparagus alligators & the ABC's

Abby: At dinner last night Abby was pretending that her asparagus' were baby alligators. I also overheard her saying her ABC's. I was shocked! I didn't know that she new the little ABC song...but she does. She won't sing on demand, but if she's in her own little world she'll starting talking and singing to herself.
Logan: Mr. Happy Pants. :) He's a great baby. He loves to smile and giggle and coo. I wish I could hold him all day...but the minute I pick him up Abby's on my lap and crawling all over me. I think someone's a little jealous.
John: Tired, tired, and tired. My husband is spread thin. I know it's all going to work out, but life's been one big bowl of unknowns for awhile...I hope things will begin to settle. He's doing well though. Right now he's rough-housing with Abby downstairs. He kicks her cinderella ball at her head and she thinks it's so funny...that's the difference with "daddy play time" versus "mommy play time"
Me: Just plugging along. I started running on the treadmill. I am going to try and do this twice a week. Start small and go from there.
Fontana: windy (shocking) and hot. It was a beautiful night last night. The wind died down and we walked around at Victoria Gardens. It was one of those great summer/spring nights.
News: John's dad and his wife Susan are in town. They were here yesterday and we'll be leaving in an hour to meet them for lunch. So far things are going well. Gotta go get ready.


ladybugs, crickets, and grasshoppers, oh my!

As I was running around last night putting away laundry I heard a “God wishper” to just "stop and go play with your daughter." So, I put everything down and went in her room and laid on the ground and played. I did not multi-task. I did not try and tidy up. I did not try and fool Abby into thinking we were "playing" when really I'm cleaning. I have to say--it was nice. I felt convicted about my chronic multi-taking and realized that I need to create time when I just stop and play with my kids with no other agenda. It was great to do, but it was actually hard. I had to fight the urge to clean up the puzzle that was just dumped onto the ground. I had to tell myself--leave it be and just play with your daughter. So, we sat there and played puzzles. She heard a cricket and was very excited about it and I had the privilege to explain that a cricket is a bug that comes out in spring and plays music for us to listen to. Yes, just me and my Abby and our cricket.

Then today we sat outside and played with ladybugs. I had the privilege to teach her that God made ladybugs so we do not want to squash them between our fingers. J Then a HUGE grasshopper jumped onto the chair. I didn't get close to that one...uck! But, my little bug explore went right up to it and examined it's big'ol legs! She's a brave little one. :)

So, we've seen a lot of bugs...and I plan to do it more often...all multi-tasking aside.


Oh the shame!

I don't know what it is with me and sugar!! I'm like a crazy animal that cannot be stopped. I'll eat any chocolate in site. I ate Abby Easter candy, even the gross chocolate that respectable people throw away...not me, I ate it. I made Abby a b-day cake and for the last three days have eaten the frosting off of the top. I just finished eating the frosting and then quickly threw away the cake so that there are no traces of evidence for John to see. Oh the shame! Starting now I will not have sweets...for a week. Yes, that's right...it's a sugar detox for this chocolate addict! Wish me luck.



It’s 2pm and so far today I have nursed Logan about five times, feed Abby two meals, bathed both kids, managed to bath myself, read six princess books, watched 10 minutes of Dumbo, 10 minutes of Little Mermaid, 10 minutes of Winnie the Pooh, then decided to turn the TV off because I refuse to change the movie every 10 minutes at the request of my little girl. I have put away nearly six loads of laundry that had been stacked half way to the ceiling all last week, changed three poppy diapers, pushed Abby around the backyard on her new bike, told Abby “no candy!” about 47 times, cleaned up spit up about 7 times, pinned down Abby for another round of “mommy needs to brush your teeth!”, given at least 25 kisses, organized my shoes, organized my closet. So now I sit here at the computer trying to get my work done. Abby's in her crib reading a book at the top of her lungs and then cracking up, Logan's sitting here in his bouncy chair, I'm typing with my left hand, bouncing a bouncy chair with my left foot, answering the phone with my right hand. In a moment I will race downstairs (did I mention how much a loath stairs!) and put in a load a laundry and quickly grab a root beer and some crackers and race back upstairs to continue bouncing the bouncy chair before Logan notices that I had left him for a moment. I will continue working until Abby wakes up from her nap. At that time I will carry both children (at the same time) down 16 stairs and head to the kitchen where I will begin preparing dinner. I will try my best to get dinner on the table before 7:00pm, all the while Abby will tug at my pants and whine at me, Logan will cry each time his binky falls out (which is about every 4 seconds) and John will call to chat on his drive home from work. Once dinner is on the table something will trigger inside of Abby to let her know that it is now time to begin screaming like a crazy person. She will do this until she gets a spanking or a time out. This will continue throughout dinner...perhaps she'll even earn a few time outs and spanking before we've shoved the food into our mouths as quickly as possible. Then I will race around the kitchen and clean as fast as humanly possible while Abby whines at me. (did I mention I have a whiner?) I will make John coffee and a lunch for the next morning. Then I will remove Abby from her food incrusted chair and hoist her up to the bathtub. I will sit there while she plays and I will nurse Logan. Eventually she'll get put to bed and I will get to sit...my favorite time of the day! The job of "mother" is stessful, but I wouldn't change it for the world!

I think God gave women the gift of multi-tasking for a reason!


My little girl turns two!

We are celebrating Abby's second birthday today. I am excited, but tired. Life's circumstances have been draining these last six months and my spirit is tired. Throw a newborn into the mix and now I need a nap not only for my soul, but for my brain! :) I have claimed Hebrews 11:1 as my verse for the year.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I will continue to hold fast to this promise, even when I cannot see the way things will work out.

Anyhow, back to the fun news of Abby's birthday. We are having the grandparents over for a taco dinner and cake dessert. It will be fun and I'm sure Abby will have a blast. I am so grateful for my little girl. I love all of her Abby sayings:

"thank you mama"

"oh no!"

"all-a-ga-er" (alligator from Peter Pan)

"hi baby gogan"

"cute" (shouted whenever she see "gogan")

She has lost most of her baby fat...but she will always be my baby girl!