ladybugs, crickets, and grasshoppers, oh my!

As I was running around last night putting away laundry I heard a “God wishper” to just "stop and go play with your daughter." So, I put everything down and went in her room and laid on the ground and played. I did not multi-task. I did not try and tidy up. I did not try and fool Abby into thinking we were "playing" when really I'm cleaning. I have to say--it was nice. I felt convicted about my chronic multi-taking and realized that I need to create time when I just stop and play with my kids with no other agenda. It was great to do, but it was actually hard. I had to fight the urge to clean up the puzzle that was just dumped onto the ground. I had to tell myself--leave it be and just play with your daughter. So, we sat there and played puzzles. She heard a cricket and was very excited about it and I had the privilege to explain that a cricket is a bug that comes out in spring and plays music for us to listen to. Yes, just me and my Abby and our cricket.

Then today we sat outside and played with ladybugs. I had the privilege to teach her that God made ladybugs so we do not want to squash them between our fingers. J Then a HUGE grasshopper jumped onto the chair. I didn't get close to that one...uck! But, my little bug explore went right up to it and examined it's big'ol legs! She's a brave little one. :)

So, we've seen a lot of bugs...and I plan to do it more often...all multi-tasking aside.

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