Rainy Friday Afternoon

Well, it's Friday and Memorial Weekend and it's raining like crazy! It's been raining today for over 8 hours! Strange, huh? I love the rain! I am sitting here next to the window and the sound of rain is so lovely (and unusual) for this time of year.

This week has been long! I think it's felt so long because Logan's crying all the time. I think he's teething...let the fun begin! I am on the cusp of teething and sleep training!! The not so fun parts of the first year. Although my frustration mellowed a little once I finally concluded that he must be teething. It's easier to deal with a screaming baby when you know that he's in pain and just wants to be held and comforted. That is not the hard part. The hard part is throwing the 2 year old in the mix. It seems like whenever I try and just hold Logan Abby either becomes really naughty or needs me for something. I think it is the daily balancing act that has me tired out. Anyhow, here's some clips of the week. :)

Abby "helping" papa fix sprinklers. I think I'll go to Home Depot and buy some pipes and sprinkler parts...it's the most fun she had all week!

John grading his papers...Logan was helping.

Good Morning babies! Too cute...Abby taking care of Logan.

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