rollie-pollies and belly laughs

Abby and Logan took their first bath together...as you can see from the picture, I'm sure it was not relaxing for Logan. :) Abby saw his little "man part" and got the funniest look on her face. She said "oohh...yucky!" Then I asked her what it was and she said a "yucky bug!"

I stayed home today--for the first time this week. It was nice to just be home and not lugging the kids around. I took the kids on a walk this morning. At first we started with Logan in the bjorn and Abby on her bike. We only made it four houses down before Abby wanted to "walk please." So we came home and put her bike in the garage. Then we headed out on foot. We only made it two houses down because Abby is very into bugs and we had to stop at investigate each creature she saw. I must say, there are hundreds of rollie pollies on the ground! Something adults wouldn't notice...but take a two year old on a walk, and volia! there they are...just rolling-pollin' all over the place! :) We also saw some worms and Abby would yell "snake!!" I told her that they were worms, but she insisted that they were snakes...so I let her believe that they were. After some time on foot, Abby wanted to be in the stroller--so we went back to the garage and put her in the stroller...this time we made some good distance, so I can actually say I exercised today. :)

Weather--surprisingly cold--I'd say 60-ish.

Abby--she's like her mama....she was barefoot in the backyard yesterday and each time she saw a bug she would curl her toes and walk on the sides of her feet! That's exactly how mama does it! Good girl. yucky bugs!

Logan--happy. not much crying unless he's hungry or not being held! :) He loves sucking on his hands...he gets pretty intense about it and it's quite loud and quite cute! I also got him to belly laugh a few days ago. It's the cutest sound!!

Me--I received my Moby wrap today. I'm pretty excited to try and use it. It's a baby wrap...allows you to hold your baby hands free. Can you say--get some cleaning done while hanging out with Logan! :)

John--watching the Lakers. Or Dodgers. Or football. :) And playing with the kids...in fact, he's starting Abby's bath right now.

Current Attwood household activities--my typing, Logan bouncing in his chair, Abby cracking up because John's kicking her Cinderella ball around the house...he kicks it really hard and sometimes at her head, but she LOVES it. :)

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