Summertime is on its way

It was a hot weekend...triple digits everyday! I'm not sure that I'm ready for summer, but I do not think that I have a choice. :) I went to Target and bought Abby a little pool, I hope to get it blown up tomorrow so that we can have some water fun!

Abby: Has become such a little girl. Her legs are constantly bruised and scrapped because she's always running these days--and falling a lot. She loves being outside. She is very talkative and loving. She kisses on all of us all day long. She is very into saying "silly goose" (which she picked up from me) so I hear that phrase a few times an hours.
Logan: He's sitting in his Bumbo chair now...see picture. Isn't he so darn cute! This weekend he rolled onto his side. I'm sure he'll figure out how to roll completely over within a few weeks. He's at that frustrated stage where he wants to do more than his little body allows him.

John: He's grading papers...again! :) Boy, how nice it will be if he doesn't teach next year and doesn't have to always be grading!

Me: John finally allowed me to mow the lawn today---I love mowing laws. It was a fabulous work out! I busted two sprinklers...opps! Dad's coming over tomorrow after work to teach me how to fix them. :)

House situation--I'm getting frustrated! This is taking forever! I will continue to pray that we will receive an answer this week. I want to move on with our lives. I will continue to repeat my verse (Hew 11:1) and cling to the truths of God's word.

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