Lazy Sunday...but I should be packing!

Abby in her dress up clothes...including her veil. :)
Good morning Logan! Abby putting makeup on Logan....he'll have his sweet revenge once he's able to walk! ;)
This computer sucks so much of my time...both professionally and personally. I swear I can sit here and easily waste two hours without even trying! :) So, I thought I'd waste some more time and post a blog. :) So, here's what's happening....

Me: I am procrastinating (sp?)!! I should really be packing because we are moving in ONE week! I have some things packed, but I know that there is always more than you realize!! Everytime we move I find myself throwing things into plastic bags as the move it actually taking place. I should learn from this foolishness and get the ball rolling! Tomorrow mom is coming over, so I assume I'll get a lot done then. By the way, our new address is 2015 Creekwood Lane Upland CA 91784. :) It will be a huge relief to leave this house!
John: He's downstairs reading. Lots and lots of reading is required for this class he's in. He seems to enjoy it, so that makes it better! :)
Abby: She is using her imagination a lot lately. It's fun to watch. She'll say "I am crab!" and walk around like a crab. Or "I am shark!" and pretend to be a shark. She's also getting better about playing on her own. It is fun to sit and watch her be absorbed in her own little world.
Logan: He's really becoming a little person. He "talks" alot now and really uses his voice to be heard. It's really funny. He will lay next to me and talk to me for as long as I sit and listen. I love watching him learn and become Logan.

That's about it....I should probably get some work done.


Things I find myself saying these days...

"Don't put your feet on your brother's face!"
"Stop swinging from the treadmill" (Doesn't she know that's where we hang our laundry!)
"Let me brush away your otter pops" (This is how Abby lets me brush her teeth. I tell her that we need to get all of the otter pops off her teeth)
"Be gentle!"
"Don't say no to mommy!"
"Don't say no to daddy!"
"Don't say no to nana!"
"Just stop saying no!"
"Stop touching Logan's eyes"
"Stop touching Logan's face"
"Be gentle"
"Come here"
"Abby, come here"
"Come to me, now"
"Can you hear me? I said come here"

It makes me think of the Bill Cosby stand up... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ysFvUizRj8


Attwood Update

I thought I'd write an update about the happenings in the Attwood household. Here goes:

Me: I am having the hardest time finding motivation for anything! I have to make myself sit down and work everyday when I kids are asleep. Once we move I will work in the office all day on Friday. I am very excited for this to happen. It has become draining to try and spend all of nap time at this desk working. It seems like I sometimes force Logan to sleep when I don't think he's really that tired. Like today, he woke up from a long nap...but then two hours later Abby went down for her nap, so I made Logan take one too. It just makes me feel bad. Plus, this time can be used to motivate myself to clean, etc. So, I think this change in schedule will be good for all involved! I can't wait to have two days a week where I can utilize naptime anyway I chose! Who-hoo! :)
John: He started teaching summer school today. His class gets out at noon, but then he puts on his new vice principle hat and stays the rest of the day doing those types of things. He has six more weeks of his current MA class, and then he'll get six weeks off before the next class starts! I'm excited for him. So far he has done really great! Straight A's in every class. John's gifted with academic smarts. :) I think August will provide a small break for him and I'm looking forward to it!
Abby: She is in a cute phase and is always saying very cute things. For example, every night at dinner she makes little families out of her food. She'll have a "daddy" noodle, a "mommy" noodle, an "abby" noodle and a "logan" noodle. I guess it's a compliment that she portrays our family in noodles, asparagus, french fries, etc. :) Two nights ago she dumped purple nail polish onto her cream carpet. It's my fault because I painted her toes and then left the polish in her room by accident. I sprinted toward her and she pointed at the large puddle and said "no-no mommy!" Then for the next hour while I was trying various stain removers she would walk by her room and remind me that it was a "no-no" as if I was unaware.
Logan: he is intense with chewing!! Please teeth, come in soon!! Poor little guy. He's in his crib now and last night sleep five hours straight! Yeah! I hope this can continue!!
House update: we have received two counter-offers on our home from Countrywide. We are praying that one of the families agrees to the counter and we can start escrow soon. We'll see! I've been looking for places to lease....it's draining! I hope to have a decision made this week. Wish me luck!

Here are some pics from the park today. I nearly killed myself walking there...it was like 100 degrees by 9:30 this morning!! I was SOOOO hot!


Afghanistan pics...random I know.

Okay, I know this is random...but worth posting, I think. I love pictures. I love looking at pictures of people and especially of people in other countries. I don't know why. I think it reminds me of just how big this world is. Anyhow, I was looking at some pictures from Afghanistan. They are sad, yet beautiful. I was especially caught up with the picture of the Marine getting shot at. I noticed that he had a wedding ring on. It made me wonder about his wife and children and what they were doing at that very moment he was getting shot at. Were they home in bed unaware of what almost happened to their husband and father? I was also captivated with the picture of the women begging for food/money in front of the abandoned palace. Can you imagine sitting on the side of a hot and dusty dirt road covered with garments from head to toe and begging for food? Does she have children at home? Is she ill? Can she work? Is there any work? It made me think of Jesus and how she was the the kind of person he chose to sit with while he was here on earth.

Here are the pictures:

Weekly update...nothing special

Abby reading while wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses
Painting in the backyard

Logan's eating rice cerel now! Big boy!

What a cute boy!!

This week in the Attwood home:

Shauna: Very tired most of the time. I'd pay big money for nap...I look forward to the weekend when I can sleep during the kids' nap time. I've been looking at houses to lease. It takes a lot of time. So far I've one or two that may work. I'm going to look at a house tomorrow in Upland. It's very cute from the outside, so I'm hoping the inside is good.

John: Has officially been announced as Vice Principle. It's exciting and I'm happy to pray and support John as he takes on this new challenge. I'm sure he'll do great and learn a lot! He's always continuing his Master's classes through summer--so it'll be busy!

Abby: She says the funniest things. For the last few weeks she's very into crabs. She wakes up and tells me stories about a nice red crab and then sometimes it's a mean crab. Funny what kids think of! She is still thrilled about Logan and cannot contain her excitement for her brother "gogan" She is a great sister.

Logan: He slept in his crib all night last night. Don't get me wrong, he woke up about five times, but always allowed me to return him to his crib. He usually sleeps in his crib, the swings, the bassinet, our bed, etc throughout the night...so one location for the full night is progress. Now if he would just sleep longer between wakings! :) He started solids and he rolls now! I can't believe he'll be 5 months in a week!


Ice cream man

Don't you miss the utter excitement that the sound of the ice cream man brought as he slowly drove through your street as a child?