Afghanistan pics...random I know.

Okay, I know this is random...but worth posting, I think. I love pictures. I love looking at pictures of people and especially of people in other countries. I don't know why. I think it reminds me of just how big this world is. Anyhow, I was looking at some pictures from Afghanistan. They are sad, yet beautiful. I was especially caught up with the picture of the Marine getting shot at. I noticed that he had a wedding ring on. It made me wonder about his wife and children and what they were doing at that very moment he was getting shot at. Were they home in bed unaware of what almost happened to their husband and father? I was also captivated with the picture of the women begging for food/money in front of the abandoned palace. Can you imagine sitting on the side of a hot and dusty dirt road covered with garments from head to toe and begging for food? Does she have children at home? Is she ill? Can she work? Is there any work? It made me think of Jesus and how she was the the kind of person he chose to sit with while he was here on earth.

Here are the pictures:

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