Lazy Sunday...but I should be packing!

Abby in her dress up clothes...including her veil. :)
Good morning Logan! Abby putting makeup on Logan....he'll have his sweet revenge once he's able to walk! ;)
This computer sucks so much of my time...both professionally and personally. I swear I can sit here and easily waste two hours without even trying! :) So, I thought I'd waste some more time and post a blog. :) So, here's what's happening....

Me: I am procrastinating (sp?)!! I should really be packing because we are moving in ONE week! I have some things packed, but I know that there is always more than you realize!! Everytime we move I find myself throwing things into plastic bags as the move it actually taking place. I should learn from this foolishness and get the ball rolling! Tomorrow mom is coming over, so I assume I'll get a lot done then. By the way, our new address is 2015 Creekwood Lane Upland CA 91784. :) It will be a huge relief to leave this house!
John: He's downstairs reading. Lots and lots of reading is required for this class he's in. He seems to enjoy it, so that makes it better! :)
Abby: She is using her imagination a lot lately. It's fun to watch. She'll say "I am crab!" and walk around like a crab. Or "I am shark!" and pretend to be a shark. She's also getting better about playing on her own. It is fun to sit and watch her be absorbed in her own little world.
Logan: He's really becoming a little person. He "talks" alot now and really uses his voice to be heard. It's really funny. He will lay next to me and talk to me for as long as I sit and listen. I love watching him learn and become Logan.

That's about it....I should probably get some work done.

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