Things I find myself saying these days...

"Don't put your feet on your brother's face!"
"Stop swinging from the treadmill" (Doesn't she know that's where we hang our laundry!)
"Let me brush away your otter pops" (This is how Abby lets me brush her teeth. I tell her that we need to get all of the otter pops off her teeth)
"Be gentle!"
"Don't say no to mommy!"
"Don't say no to daddy!"
"Don't say no to nana!"
"Just stop saying no!"
"Stop touching Logan's eyes"
"Stop touching Logan's face"
"Be gentle"
"Come here"
"Abby, come here"
"Come to me, now"
"Can you hear me? I said come here"

It makes me think of the Bill Cosby stand up... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ysFvUizRj8

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