Weekly update...nothing special

Abby reading while wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses
Painting in the backyard

Logan's eating rice cerel now! Big boy!

What a cute boy!!

This week in the Attwood home:

Shauna: Very tired most of the time. I'd pay big money for nap...I look forward to the weekend when I can sleep during the kids' nap time. I've been looking at houses to lease. It takes a lot of time. So far I've one or two that may work. I'm going to look at a house tomorrow in Upland. It's very cute from the outside, so I'm hoping the inside is good.

John: Has officially been announced as Vice Principle. It's exciting and I'm happy to pray and support John as he takes on this new challenge. I'm sure he'll do great and learn a lot! He's always continuing his Master's classes through summer--so it'll be busy!

Abby: She says the funniest things. For the last few weeks she's very into crabs. She wakes up and tells me stories about a nice red crab and then sometimes it's a mean crab. Funny what kids think of! She is still thrilled about Logan and cannot contain her excitement for her brother "gogan" She is a great sister.

Logan: He slept in his crib all night last night. Don't get me wrong, he woke up about five times, but always allowed me to return him to his crib. He usually sleeps in his crib, the swings, the bassinet, our bed, etc throughout the night...so one location for the full night is progress. Now if he would just sleep longer between wakings! :) He started solids and he rolls now! I can't believe he'll be 5 months in a week!

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