Terrible Twos...a losing battle?

netMy daughter is such a handful! I am so tired. I honestly cannot even write about it, that's how tired I am! I know you mommy's out there relate! Here are some highlights for the day:

--A major (I mean major) temper tantrum in Kohl’s today. Very embarrassing. Picture me, Logan strapped on me in the Bjorn, and my screaming, kicking, red-faced toddler in my arms. Now, I don't usually dare go into a store with Logan in the Bjorn and Abby free and not strapped into the stroller...but I forgot the stroller and was determined to return some things. I had MANY interesting looks as I made my way to the exit. I think people thought I was an abusive mother by the way I had Abby clinched in my arms...up against poor Logan, but I had my eyes locked on that exit sign and by golly I made it!

--Abby and Logan were in the bathtub. No sooner did I think "wow, this is actually peaceful" did Abby pick up a toy cup and throw it at Logan's face. Than when he began screaming, she started screaming and yelling "scared mama!" Does she get to be scared by her brother's screams, when she was the reason for the crying? hmmm..

--There we were at the dinner table. Abby and I. Face to Face. Will to will. Who won? Well let's just say that I threw her whole dinner in the trash. Ending score: Mommy 0, Abby's hunger strike 1.
Well, here's a cute video...I mean they are cute even amongst all their naughtiness.


When all else fails, post some pics...

Abby and Logan in Abby's crib. She wants "gogan" to sleep in her room with her. :)
There's no shame in drying off with a princess towel!

Yummm watermelon!

Papa and Logan in the pool

Me and Abby on the 4th of July


the move is over...

It's official...we've moved. Thank goodness that is over!! I don't want to move again for many many years!! Things are pretty busy with unpacking and such, but it's coming along and this already feels like home to me. I love this house. It fits us perfectly. It's strange how it just feels right. i think it's a God thing. Which is always a good thing, right? :) Well, it seem no matter how hard I try and cannot seem to get to bed before midnight...which is in 16 minutes. Good night!