We're back from vacation

We have returned home from vacation! We spent five days in Monterey and two days in Pismo Beach. It was nice to get away and see some new scenery. It was also nice to be in cooler weather. It always amazes me that Monterey is like 60 degrees in August! We went to the aquarium two times. Abby loved the fish and called them "amazing!" I didn't even know that she knew that word. :) Logan liked to look at the sparkling sardine fish swimming around in a circle. We went on a small hike right on the coastline and saw seals and birds. It's a beautiful coastline up there. We ate some good clam chowder and treated Abby to ice cream. In Pismo we meet my mom and dad. It was nice to have some extra help those last two days! Abby had a blast at the beach...she loves the sand and water. So we are home now. John gets this week off too...yeah! It's nice to have him home. Here are some pictures:
Our family shot...taken by John. :)
What a cute little beanie baby!

John had a crab in his hand...Abby loved it!

On the MOnterey coast.

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