We're in escrow...

I just got a call from our realtor and he's emailing me all of the escrow paperwork so that we can sign and FedEx back. I won't really believe that it's all over until it's officially out of our name...so we'll see. :) But, it looks good and hopefully this will be behind us in the next month! Say a prayer for a quick and problem free escrow.

Quick thought--strange how this news would have been SOO important to me 7 months ago, but now it's mostly just an afterthought. I mean, don't get me wrong...I'm trilled, but even if we weren't in escrow I came to a place were I knew that God was taking care of us regardless of how this situation concluded itself. I think it's no accident that this process has taken 8+ months. I think it was a HUGE journey of faith and that's why the Lord allow this to happen.

Let me digress by saying again…I won't really believe it's over until it's actually over...so we'll see. :)

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