Frozen Moments

Sometimes, during really fun or special moments, I think to myself "you'll want to remember this one, so take it all in!" That happens more often to me now that I have children. I just know that I'm going to forget all the little day to day things...like what Logan's little chubby hands look like when he's reaching for his mushed up bananas, or what Abigail's sweet voice sounds like when she sings "twinkle star." This is probably the reason I take 40 pictures a day!

Anyhow, one of the "take it all in moments" happened tonight. Nothing special really. Just an ordinary night. I gave the kids a shower (Abby's afraid of the bathtub). I put Logan to bed. Then Abby was thrilled to have some alone time with mommy and daddy. We were all laying on our bed. John was playing the guitar. Abby thought it was the coolest thing ever. John was teaching her how to strum the strings. Then we read her some books. She still loves books. Then we played. I love when I take the time to just play with my kids. They love it. We hung her upside down, she was hysterical. We sang songs. We did "this little piggy" with her toes. We taught her how to count to five on her fingers. We laughed. She was jabbering away, sharing all the little thoughts that bounced around in her head. She was just so happy being there with us. It's just that simple for her. Time with mommy and daddy, and she's a happy gal.

During it all, I keep telling myself---take a mental picture, remember her sweet little voice. One day, when she is grown, these memories will be my link to these fleeting mommy years.

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