Grubby Mommy

It's 2pm and I'm sitting here on my lap top (very common these days), I haven't brushed my teeth yet (I know that's gross), I haven't showered (and I should mention that I'm probably covered in spit up and peanut butter and jelly), I haven't washed my hair (I got a great new haircut LAST SATURDAY and I haven't even styled it since then!), my house is completely torn apart (thanks to Abigail, whom I affectionately call our Tasmanian devil), I have landry piled up to the ceiling, and there's glitter glue all over our kitchen table (from Abigail's ongoing art projects).
What's that, you say? What have I done lately? Well, I've feed a baby around the clock, I've praised a two year old for pee-peeing on the big girl potty, I've made a good friend dinner to help welcome her third son, I've painted my daughters toenails (three different colors!), I've played at the park, I've made some top notch mud pies in the backyard with my girl, I've laid on the floor encouraging my son as he has almost figured out how to crawl, I've gone on a date with my McDreamy husband, I've sat and talked with my mother in law, I've grocery shopped...at two stores...with a baby strapped to my body and a two year old bouncing up and down in the cart.
If only there was enought time to inlcude cleaning, organizing, scrubbing, washing cars, folding laundry, bleaching toliets, washing floors, excersing, running, walking, doing my hair, cleaning the garage, taking a shower, painting MY toes, and ironing my never ending laundry pile!
The job of "mommy" is not very glamourous. It does not allow the time to dress myself in the latest styles, it does not allow the energy to keep my home pristine, it does not provide the freedom to go where I want, when I want...BUT it is the most important contribution I will make to anything in my lifetime. I will remember this today...as I sit here...covered in spit up...with my hair in a messy poinytale...looking at leggos, glitter glue, and baby pajamas on the floor.

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