a kitchen with a view...

After dinner tonight I was trying my best to get the kitchen cleaned. Now, I'm no clean freak, but one thing I cannot stand is a dirty kitchen. It must be cleaned before dinner can officially be concluded.

Anyhow, every single night while I'm running around trying to clean, Abigail will continually ask me to come outside and play with her. Every 4 seconds I will hear, "mama, come outside." And I'll say, "not yet, I'm cleaning the kitchen." About 4 seconds will pass and then I'll hear "mama, come out side." Then I'll say "not yet, I'm cleaning." This conversation will continue every four seconds for about 35 minutes while I clean. It can become frustrating...

...so tonight I had the idea of dragging over her playhouse so that it will sit right in front of the sliding glass door--that way I can see her and, more importantly, she can see me while she plays. (Abby's not good at playing on her own...she must have me within view 24/7) So I walk outside and haul over her play house. She was delighted.

I went back inside and continued to do the dishes. As I looked at the new playhouse placement, I wondered if it ruined the view. Now instead of seeing plants and flowers, I see a big pink playhouse.

Then I looked up and saw Abby in her little kitchen. She was making "soup" and jabbering away to Logan (who was pulled outside in his highchair so that he could keep her company. Way to take one for the team, little buddy).

I realized that the big pink playhouse filled with make believe cupcakes, salads, and "croclate" chips created a fantastic view....far better than plants and flowers.

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