Less practical, more fanciful

I am a practical person. Practicality seeps into most areas of my life whether I like it or not. I shop with coupons, my hair is short and easy to style, I enjoy hand me downs, I keep our old furniture because, hey, it's already covered with peanut butter and spit up (makes you want to come over and have a seat, huh!), I did not register for China when I got married, I use paper plates, I like 99 cent stores, I wear jeans most of the time. This list of practical things can go on, but the point is, I think I will try and be less practical at times and take enjoyment out of more fanciful things. I will not save the pretty candle--I'll actually burn it and enjoy it's scent. I will pick the flowers off the bush outside and put the fresh flowers on the dinner table. I will make a fancy dinner and decorate the table--not every night, but every now and then. I will make a dinner date with my husband, on a Tuesday. I will get more dirty with the kids--Abby makes rolling around in the mud look fun. Life is too short to be so practical all the time. Loosen up Shauna!

While I'm on the subject, I read (on another blog) about this cool tradition that this one family does. On each person's birthday, everyone gets a balloon. They each write down a wish or dream of theirs and tie it to the balloon. then they all go outside and release the balloons into the air and watch them fly away. I know it's kind of corney...but I'm all for it! Less practical, more fanciful...yes, this shall be my theme for the rest of the year.

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