My boy

  • He is named after his daddy
  • He is almost 8 months old! I can't believe it
  • Everyone says "oh, he's such a mellow baby!" But mama isn't fooled! This little boy has some fight in him!
  • He has a very loud voice! I mean when he's babbling to himself I can't even think straight...it's that loud!
  • He knows what he wants. Just today Abby took the car keys from him (cut me some slack, I was frantically putting away groceries...car keys seemed suitable at the time!) and he was ticked! he started screaming at her and flailing his little arms. Mommy stepped in and gave him back the keys (just for like two minutes, I swear!)
  • He has thee best smile! I know every mom thinks that, but really his smile takes over his entire face. Even his big blue eyes smile when he is amused.
  • He LOVES to nurse. And when I mean nurse, here's how it goes. He'll drink all of the milk that I can possibly provide, and then he'll just keep on sucking. I am not kidding when I say that he will continue to "nurse" until I cut him off. I think 40 minutes is the longest I've let him go, and I know he would have continued.
  • He is very intense about eating. He yells the whole time. I'm pretty sure he is yelling because he is ticked that he has to eat baby food. I tell him every day, "listen buddy, until you get some teeth it's mushy food for you!" Then he yells at me some more. I think he's one of those "gotta get the last word in" types.
  • He is very upset that his little body cannot run/walk/crawl/jump/sprint/somersault/etc. His big blue eyes focus on Abby as she's running around and I can read his little mind "darn you legs, get going!!"
  • He is very ticklish
  • He loves to be held, but not too close...just so he can get a better view of whatever is going on.
  • He thinks Abby is funny and gets so excited when she pays any attention to him. Unless she's poking his eyes, or yelling in is face, or interrupting a 40 minute nursing session. All of which happen at least three times a day!
  • He has a busy little body. The only time Logan is relaxed is in the middle of the night, otherwise he's constantly squirming, rolling, kicking, pinching, yelling, or trying to crawl.
  • I am very aware of the fact that once he can move I will probably never hold him again. I'm pretty confident that he'll never stop running once he's learned how!
  • I love this little guy. I can't imagine my life without him.

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