An owl and a little birdie...

Abigail and Logan are opposite in many ways.

Logan is very smiley with anyone and everyone. Abby will let her select chosen few into her little world, anyone else just better back away slowly.

Logan seems to be a real daddy's boy, while Abby has been a mama's girl for a long while.

Abby loves books, she is our smarty pants…but isn't very into toys. Logan will not sit still to look at a book, but give him a of cool toy and he's entertained for at least five minutes (which is a looonngg time in baby time).

Logan has patience. He'll sit and try his hardest to figure something out. Abby will take about 30 seconds to assess if she has the patience for it--usually she doesn't and she moves onto something else.

One big glaring difference is that Logan is our little morning birdie. He wakes up early and HAPPY! He's ready to play from the moment his little eyes open. When I walk into his room his looks at me, smiles really big and starts belly laughing. Fast forward to 7:30pm and Logan is a screaming and kicking and is definitely ready for bed!

Abby, on the other hand, loves the night time. she is our night owl. she comes alive around 7:00pm. That is when she'll play well on her own. She'll sit and read her books for as long as I let her. She will sit and talk with me and John. She's giggly. She wants to play. She is so happy. Now rewind to 7:00am and we've got a totally different kid. She doesn't talk. She doesn't want to be talked to. She just wants to sit on my lap and zone out with her sippy cup. I can completely relate because I am NOT a morning person.

So, before Logan arrived, Abby and I had a little morning routine of sitting together--her with her juice, me with my coffee. We'd just sit. No words needed. We both knew that in an hour or two our brains would wake up and we'd be on with our day. But now.....we've got our little morning birdie....he requires me to be on my toes at 6:30am each day! Even as I type, he's looking at me and pleading with his eyes....please mama, come and play!

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