Can you guess who I am?

Here are some hints:
  • I enjoy tearing apart anything that's baby proofed.
  • I like to chew on wires and I try my hardest to stick my little fingers in the light sockets.
  • Since the day I was born...I have not been able to sit still.
  • Last week I ripped out the door stopper, screw and all...it was cool until my mommy gasped and took it from me.
  • I get into EVERYTHING!
  • I'm probably going to walk within a month!!
  • As my mom tried to type this very sentence, she had to stop to remove a paperclip from my mouth.
  • I try my best to eat rocks while outside
  • I have big blue eyes
  • I just got my first tooth last week
  • I can charm most people with my great big smile
  • I am already climbing, in fact my mom found me standing in my crib, trying to climb out this morning. i think she was shocked when she opened my door.
  • I like to feed myself--no more baby food please
  • I love my sister...I'll do anything to get her to play with me
  • I'm always on the go...in fact, my mommy needs to stop typing this because I've left the room and mama needs to come find me and make sure I'm not getting into trouble.


The Wild West

Last Christmas my parents got Abby a rocking horse--she's been terrified of it ever since. But this morning Abby's inner cowgirl surfaced. She noticed Mr. Horsey sitting in Logan's room and just had to ride him. So for about 30 minutes Abby road her pony. She was yelling yee-haa and clicking her little feet in the stirrups. It was such a hit that Logan came crawling over...he just had to conquer that horse! So together Abby and Logan road Mr. Horsey and conquered the wild west of their imagination....

...that is until Abby decided that her brother was no longer allowed to touch her pony. This is when the kicking and yelling began. Logan, however, cannot be persuaded...if that boy has his eye on something, by golly he'll make it happen. So, after trying to teach my two year old how to share, Sheriff Mommy had to put the cowgirl on time out, and remove the Mr. Horsey so that we didn't have a shoot out in our wild west living room.

Nana and Papa--this one's for you:


Election ...blahhh...

I am tired of this election. I never know who to vote for because I feel that every politician just says what he/she needs to say for a vote. I'm not passionate about politics, and I'm not even passionate about disliking politics. I just really don't care. I guess my opinion is that it does not matter who sits in the Oval Office, because ultimately the only thing that matters is that God is always in control regardless of if a Democrat or Republican wins.

Someone, with more energy to actually compose a decent blog entry, said it much better than me...check it out.



Carmen put curlers in Abby's hair on Saturday night. I was shocked that Abby allowed her to do it! She even slept in them all night....so on Sunday morning Abby was all curls! I LOVED it! She looked soo cute! Thanks Carmen for working your grandma magic!


Mommy's Helper

Abby is my little helper. All day she wants to be right next to me and helping me do whatever I'm doing...changing a diaper, typing, putting on makeup, putting on my shoes, talking on the phone....you name it and she's right next to me, eager to assist! here are two of her MOST favorite activities....

Cooking dinner with mommy and "helping" me fold the laundry.


Cinderella's Mouse

We had an exciting (and disgusting) adventure in the Attwood house on Sunday. I went into the garage to do some laundry. Now, normally I do not leave dirty laundry in the garage b/c of mice....but things got busy last week, so I broke my rule and left a load of laundry on the ground.

So there I was...grabbing some shirts to throw into the washer---when I see something move!! OH GAG! There was a very large mouse (let's be honest...it was probably a rat!!) GAG AGAIN!!! It just turned around, looked at me, and then just continued to lay there....on my shirt!!!!!!!!! TRIPLE GAG! (that shirt is now in the trash). I think it may have been sick, or ready to have babies because it didn't move very much.

So, I yell "JOHN!!!!" At this time, Carmen (my mother-in-law) and Abby were playing the backyard, so they come running. I pick up Abby and point to the "mouse."

She could not be more delighted.

She starts yelling "gus!!" (for those of you who do not watch Cinderella every other day, Gus is the fat mouse that sings pretty songs for Cinderella) She was thrilled that Gus came to visit us. She just keep saying "ooohh...he's so cute!" "ohh..I want to pet him" "hi gus!"

Eventually John came to the garage to "take Gus to find his mommy."


sounds of the night...

...Logan's swing is swoosh, swoosh, swooshing from his room.

...My handsome John is asleep on the couch right next to me. He feel asleep there at 7:30pm--I don't think I've ever witnessed that before! He always stays awake until midnight--he must be very tired!

...Abigail is in her room, in her crib, reading a story to her baby doll, who is wrapped in a blanket and sharing her pillow. I can't hear exactly what she's saying to her little doll, but I know that she's speaking tender mama words to her little baby. I like to think that maybe she learned that from me.

...which makes me think of a funny story. Tonight I was holding Abby on my lap. I wrapped her in a blanket, and was pressing her close to me in a pre-bedtime snuggle. As I was cherishing the quiet moment between me and my daughter, I asked her tenderly, "do you want me to sing you a song?" Abby look up at me and said quietly, "no" "mama be quiet" I couldn't help but laugh!! I asked her, "does mama talk to much?" She quietly replied, "yes."

I kissed her forehead and walked her into her room to tuck her in for the night...


Things to be grateful for...

Many times throughout the week I find myself so irritated with ....


...I don't even know what I'm irritated with. It's hard to sum up. I LOVE being home with my kids, but I think being a stay at home mom can be very difficult at times. I guess the difficulty and frustration comes from having my kids' needs coming before mine. That sounds awful!...but it is the small stuff that is hard. I mean I'd easily sacrifice my life for my kids without a thought. It's just sometimes I'd like to watch a movie, spend a day running errands, clean the house, SLEEP, and mostly just have the opportunity to spend my time the way I choose.

I realize how selfish this sounds, but I think any mom can relate. Just this weekend I got both kids to sleep at the same time--then I knew that I had one hour to use however I wanted. I really wanted to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie, then maybe take a nap, etc. But I only had ONE HOUR!! So, since I could hardly keep my eyes open, I slept. I was in the best sleep when they door opened and John placed a hungry little Logan right next to me. My plans were foiled yet again! Blasted! Can't I just get an hour to myself?

It's easy for me to let this really start to bug me. It's a flesh type thing, I think. So, each day I try my best to ask the Lord for the patience I need to give up the need to control the way my day goes, and ask Him to help me be loving with my kids, even if I don't have the opportunity to get anything accomplished.

It is easy to be frustrated, but I want it to be just as easy to be grateful. Here are a few things I was grateful for from my walk to the park.

He loves me. All I have to do is look at him and he's all smiles. It's flattering to be so loved and so needed.

I traded my high heals for running shoes when I left corporate America to be home with my little Abby. I can honestly say how grateful I am to put on comfortable shoes each day!

I can sit on a blanket and watch my little girl climb like a monkey at the park. Once she's reached the top, so tuns around and screams "ta-da!" She always needs me to see her and tell her how proud I am.

What a great view. This is always a lovely sight...a baby sleeping! :)

Here is the beautiful view that I get to enjoy as I walk to the park. Much better than a cubicle.


"I afraid of mommy"...

...is what Abby said to me earlier today. Afraid? Of mommy? Oh, the shame! It made me feel so bad. I am struggling with patience lately. Abby is so mouthy and emotional. All day I hear
  • no, I don't want that!
  • no, I not tired!
  • this way!
  • that way!
  • I afraid of toothbrush
  • I afraid of superman (which she's never seen?)
  • I not hungry
Here fears and her mouth have me a bit tired lately. Last night she woke up at 2:00am screaming that she is afraid of superman? huh? I mumbled something about superman not living at our house and that seemed to work for her, so she went back to bed. The night before she woke up and was yelling that she was afraid of ants. Then last week, it was bees in her bed. Then she's afraid of Logan's bathtub, Logan's crib, she even told me she's afraid of her toes?? What's going on with this stuff?? I always lovingly reassure her, and never make her feel silly for being afraid....but secretly I'm getting tired of it!

Speaking of tired....

....Logan is still waking up every 3 hours!! He's 8 months old! what's up with my kids...why don't they sleep? I think what it boils down to is.....I'M TIRED! I haven't had good, consecutive sleep in 2.5 years! even just 5 hours straight would be great!

So, Abby's afraid of me today....

...we'll maybe mommy needs a nap!