"I afraid of mommy"...

...is what Abby said to me earlier today. Afraid? Of mommy? Oh, the shame! It made me feel so bad. I am struggling with patience lately. Abby is so mouthy and emotional. All day I hear
  • no, I don't want that!
  • no, I not tired!
  • this way!
  • that way!
  • I afraid of toothbrush
  • I afraid of superman (which she's never seen?)
  • I not hungry
Here fears and her mouth have me a bit tired lately. Last night she woke up at 2:00am screaming that she is afraid of superman? huh? I mumbled something about superman not living at our house and that seemed to work for her, so she went back to bed. The night before she woke up and was yelling that she was afraid of ants. Then last week, it was bees in her bed. Then she's afraid of Logan's bathtub, Logan's crib, she even told me she's afraid of her toes?? What's going on with this stuff?? I always lovingly reassure her, and never make her feel silly for being afraid....but secretly I'm getting tired of it!

Speaking of tired....

....Logan is still waking up every 3 hours!! He's 8 months old! what's up with my kids...why don't they sleep? I think what it boils down to is.....I'M TIRED! I haven't had good, consecutive sleep in 2.5 years! even just 5 hours straight would be great!

So, Abby's afraid of me today....

...we'll maybe mommy needs a nap!

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