Can you guess who I am?

Here are some hints:
  • I enjoy tearing apart anything that's baby proofed.
  • I like to chew on wires and I try my hardest to stick my little fingers in the light sockets.
  • Since the day I was born...I have not been able to sit still.
  • Last week I ripped out the door stopper, screw and all...it was cool until my mommy gasped and took it from me.
  • I get into EVERYTHING!
  • I'm probably going to walk within a month!!
  • As my mom tried to type this very sentence, she had to stop to remove a paperclip from my mouth.
  • I try my best to eat rocks while outside
  • I have big blue eyes
  • I just got my first tooth last week
  • I can charm most people with my great big smile
  • I am already climbing, in fact my mom found me standing in my crib, trying to climb out this morning. i think she was shocked when she opened my door.
  • I like to feed myself--no more baby food please
  • I love my sister...I'll do anything to get her to play with me
  • I'm always on the go...in fact, my mommy needs to stop typing this because I've left the room and mama needs to come find me and make sure I'm not getting into trouble.

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