Cinderella's Mouse

We had an exciting (and disgusting) adventure in the Attwood house on Sunday. I went into the garage to do some laundry. Now, normally I do not leave dirty laundry in the garage b/c of mice....but things got busy last week, so I broke my rule and left a load of laundry on the ground.

So there I was...grabbing some shirts to throw into the washer---when I see something move!! OH GAG! There was a very large mouse (let's be honest...it was probably a rat!!) GAG AGAIN!!! It just turned around, looked at me, and then just continued to lay there....on my shirt!!!!!!!!! TRIPLE GAG! (that shirt is now in the trash). I think it may have been sick, or ready to have babies because it didn't move very much.

So, I yell "JOHN!!!!" At this time, Carmen (my mother-in-law) and Abby were playing the backyard, so they come running. I pick up Abby and point to the "mouse."

She could not be more delighted.

She starts yelling "gus!!" (for those of you who do not watch Cinderella every other day, Gus is the fat mouse that sings pretty songs for Cinderella) She was thrilled that Gus came to visit us. She just keep saying "ooohh...he's so cute!" "ohh..I want to pet him" "hi gus!"

Eventually John came to the garage to "take Gus to find his mommy."

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