sounds of the night...

...Logan's swing is swoosh, swoosh, swooshing from his room.

...My handsome John is asleep on the couch right next to me. He feel asleep there at 7:30pm--I don't think I've ever witnessed that before! He always stays awake until midnight--he must be very tired!

...Abigail is in her room, in her crib, reading a story to her baby doll, who is wrapped in a blanket and sharing her pillow. I can't hear exactly what she's saying to her little doll, but I know that she's speaking tender mama words to her little baby. I like to think that maybe she learned that from me.

...which makes me think of a funny story. Tonight I was holding Abby on my lap. I wrapped her in a blanket, and was pressing her close to me in a pre-bedtime snuggle. As I was cherishing the quiet moment between me and my daughter, I asked her tenderly, "do you want me to sing you a song?" Abby look up at me and said quietly, "no" "mama be quiet" I couldn't help but laugh!! I asked her, "does mama talk to much?" She quietly replied, "yes."

I kissed her forehead and walked her into her room to tuck her in for the night...

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