Things to be grateful for...

Many times throughout the week I find myself so irritated with ....


...I don't even know what I'm irritated with. It's hard to sum up. I LOVE being home with my kids, but I think being a stay at home mom can be very difficult at times. I guess the difficulty and frustration comes from having my kids' needs coming before mine. That sounds awful!...but it is the small stuff that is hard. I mean I'd easily sacrifice my life for my kids without a thought. It's just sometimes I'd like to watch a movie, spend a day running errands, clean the house, SLEEP, and mostly just have the opportunity to spend my time the way I choose.

I realize how selfish this sounds, but I think any mom can relate. Just this weekend I got both kids to sleep at the same time--then I knew that I had one hour to use however I wanted. I really wanted to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie, then maybe take a nap, etc. But I only had ONE HOUR!! So, since I could hardly keep my eyes open, I slept. I was in the best sleep when they door opened and John placed a hungry little Logan right next to me. My plans were foiled yet again! Blasted! Can't I just get an hour to myself?

It's easy for me to let this really start to bug me. It's a flesh type thing, I think. So, each day I try my best to ask the Lord for the patience I need to give up the need to control the way my day goes, and ask Him to help me be loving with my kids, even if I don't have the opportunity to get anything accomplished.

It is easy to be frustrated, but I want it to be just as easy to be grateful. Here are a few things I was grateful for from my walk to the park.

He loves me. All I have to do is look at him and he's all smiles. It's flattering to be so loved and so needed.

I traded my high heals for running shoes when I left corporate America to be home with my little Abby. I can honestly say how grateful I am to put on comfortable shoes each day!

I can sit on a blanket and watch my little girl climb like a monkey at the park. Once she's reached the top, so tuns around and screams "ta-da!" She always needs me to see her and tell her how proud I am.

What a great view. This is always a lovely sight...a baby sleeping! :)

Here is the beautiful view that I get to enjoy as I walk to the park. Much better than a cubicle.

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