The Wild West

Last Christmas my parents got Abby a rocking horse--she's been terrified of it ever since. But this morning Abby's inner cowgirl surfaced. She noticed Mr. Horsey sitting in Logan's room and just had to ride him. So for about 30 minutes Abby road her pony. She was yelling yee-haa and clicking her little feet in the stirrups. It was such a hit that Logan came crawling over...he just had to conquer that horse! So together Abby and Logan road Mr. Horsey and conquered the wild west of their imagination....

...that is until Abby decided that her brother was no longer allowed to touch her pony. This is when the kicking and yelling began. Logan, however, cannot be persuaded...if that boy has his eye on something, by golly he'll make it happen. So, after trying to teach my two year old how to share, Sheriff Mommy had to put the cowgirl on time out, and remove the Mr. Horsey so that we didn't have a shoot out in our wild west living room.

Nana and Papa--this one's for you:

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