The happiest place on earth

Disneyland on Wednesday...
Me, John, Abby, Logan...
Mom and Dad...
Becca, Peter, Weston and Sierra...
No lines...
A tiny bit of rain...
Happy kids...
A lot of smiles...
So much fun...
Let's do it again!

Align Center
Papa and Logan

Weston was brave and went on the Matterhorn
Abby's hat choice...interesting!
Logan and Nana
THe mouse

THe rides
The castle
The end


My cup runneth over

This morning I prepared my dishes for our Thanksgiving celebration later this afternoon. I cannot take all of the credit, I had some help...

This year has been full.
Full of change.
Full of disappointment.
Full of laughter.
Full of babies.
Full of small blessings.
Full of big blessings.
Full of challenges.
Full of stress.
Full of love.
Full of support.
Full of deepening friendships.
Full of the Lords quiet voice.
Full of songs.
Full of tears.
Full of growth.
Full of worry.
Full of perseverance.
Full of rejoicing.
Full of surprise.
Full of hope.
Full of difficulty.
Full of the Lord's faithfulness.
Full of the Lord's promises, even if we cannot see or feel them at times.
Full of life.
I am grateful for it all today.

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom
that cannot be shaken,
let us be thankful,
and so worship God acceptably
with reverence and awe...

Hebrews 12:28

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.


Is this what your workout looks like?

The mommy crawl:
Basic concept--each child tries to climb all over your body while you try and protect your eyes and vital organs.
The hair pull:
Basic concept--try and release a large amount of hair from your infant's little baby hands while your 2 year old jumps as hard as she can on your back.
**Important to try and avoid head and spine injuries.
Scissor Legs/rolli polli's/ladybug wings/frog hops:
Basic Concept--make your legs move in a scissor like fashion, while flapping your lady bug wings. Then jump five times like a frog and roll on the ground like a rolli polli.
Toddler tush push:
Basic Concept--lay on the ground and allow the toddler to crawl all over you in an effort to make some type of ladder out of your body. Once the ladder has been fashioned, place your foot on the tush of your toddler and push in an upward fashion--repeat.


What the world needs

baby feet.


"911, what's your toothpaste emergency?"

Just another day here at home with my kids.

Laundry, always laundry

A little boy with a runny nose eating dirt in the backyard

Baby dolls swimming in the sink

and the toothpaste 911 hotline...
"my two year old just ate a half a tube of mickey mouse toothpaste, will she be okay?"

....for the record, it's been about an hour and I think Abby's fine...nothing a little "crocket" milk wouldn't cure ( literally)


Baby Food Strike

Logan's decided that he much prefers real food over baby food. Tonight I indulged him. A big bowl of chili--I think he was happy.

Homemade chili & cornbread--yum!

Thanks mom!

A delicious meal ended with a quick bath in the sink!


One sentence weekend wrap up

Lots of football.
OU Victory.

Christmas shopping....
...alone, without kids or hubby...
...nice, quiet, take my time, had a Starbucks.

Mother in law...
...good talks with my mother in law....
...so blessed by my mother in law...
....bonus, my mother in law LOVES to babysit!

Nana & Papa come over...
...prepared a good steak dinner...
....Abby pee-pee's on potty for Nana...
...TWO times!!!
....pee-pee VICTORY!!

cold evening.
my mcdreamy.
our little girl and boy.
the first fire of the season.
ice cream?
why, yes.
that sounds like a good idea.


Let me hear you tinkle...

...is what my new potty training trick is today, and it worked! Abby has gone pee-pee on the "big girl potty" today TWO times! Yeah! Celebration in the Attwood home!


My Girl Abba Zubbas

I love my Abigail. Here's a few reasons why:

  • She has thee sweetest voice
  • She says the funniest things. For example, yesterday I gave her a kiss and she looked up and me with the funniest expression and said, "oh, that was a sloppy one mama!" I have no idea where she learned that!
  • She is very nurturing. All day long she is trying to put blankets on me, Logan, and her dolls. I think she thinks that everyone should have a blanket on. Always. Even if it is 100 degrees outside.
  • She loves her brother. She gets so excited when "gogan" wakes up--she's always the first to run into his room. She stands at his crib and says "oh, gogan. hello handsome, good morning." then she opens his blinds and talks to him until I come to get him out of his crib.
  • She wants to be Logan's mommy. Often now when Logan cries Abby will tell me what is wrong... "oh, he wants his mama." "he hungry" "he sleepy" "he want me"
  • Although spunky, Abigail has a gentle heart. She is very sensitive (like her mama) and will get very upset if she has displeased HER DADDY. Yeah, not mommy...I tend to get the dirty look and more attitude. Is this a preview of Abby the teenager--I don't even want to think about that yet!
  • She is empathetic. Anytime we are out if she hears a baby cry, she is very concerned. "what's wrong? Oh, he wants his mama." "oh poor baby" etc.
  • She loves to sing songs about Jesus..she'll request "God of Wonders"...and she actually knows the words.
  • She loves to snuggle. One of her favorite things is to just sit with me on the couch with a blanket, of course, and play with my hair. She LOVES to play with my hair...sometimes it's annoying, but mostly I think it's sweet.
  • She will grab both sides of my face and pull me in for a big ol' kiss...just out of the blue.
  • I can't even remember what our life was like before our little Abbers. (okay, that's lie...it consisted of much, much, much more sleep!)



We had a great night with our lion and kitty cat. We had over Aunt Becca, Uncle Peter, Weston, Sierra, Aunt Megan, Grandma, Nana, and Papa. We decorated cupcakes, played with balloons, went to the church celebrations where the kids jumped in the bounce house, petted goats, Weston held a snake at the reptile petting zoo (ew), we played games, ate food, and enjoyed family.