Is this what your workout looks like?

The mommy crawl:
Basic concept--each child tries to climb all over your body while you try and protect your eyes and vital organs.
The hair pull:
Basic concept--try and release a large amount of hair from your infant's little baby hands while your 2 year old jumps as hard as she can on your back.
**Important to try and avoid head and spine injuries.
Scissor Legs/rolli polli's/ladybug wings/frog hops:
Basic Concept--make your legs move in a scissor like fashion, while flapping your lady bug wings. Then jump five times like a frog and roll on the ground like a rolli polli.
Toddler tush push:
Basic Concept--lay on the ground and allow the toddler to crawl all over you in an effort to make some type of ladder out of your body. Once the ladder has been fashioned, place your foot on the tush of your toddler and push in an upward fashion--repeat.

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