Conversations & Prayers

Tonight I took the time to sit in the dark and talk with my Abigail.
She sat on my lap, her head on my shoulder,
and she began to share her thoughts with me. She told me about getting her picture taken (Carmen took the kids to get Christmas pictures today--brave woman!), she talked about the big Christmas tree with "shinny balls" hanging from the branches, she talked about the big "lellow" star at the top of the tree. She told me that the tree was so big that she would have to get a ladder to touch the top. She told me about how Logan was put in a box for his picture and that she thought it was funny. We spoke of her candy jar, her special potty treats, grandma, disneyland, pajamas, books, daddy, Jesus, how mommy has "big boobies" and how mommy wears "big panties."
She wanted to pray. And then pray again. And then pray again. She thanked Jesus for mommy's hair (which brings her comfort when she trills it in her fingers--she's done that since she was 11 months old), she thanked Jesus for mommy, daddy, grandma, jacqui, jared, carter, brandon, jakob, megan, becca, peter, sierra and weston. She thanked Jesus for candy, chocolate and sugar.
I am not making this up by the way--the little girl can talk! She takes after her mama I think.
She thanked Jesus for apples, flowers, and friends. She would have continued if I let her. But I finally got a word in edgewise and told her that it was time for bed! As I turned out the lights and walked out of her room I heard...

"it was a pretty tree. a big tree. it had a "tar" on the top...."

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