Empty nest?? Already!

My boy is growing up.

I just walked by our sliding glass door which looks out to our backyard. Earlier this evening I decided that it was time for Logan to sit at the table in a booster chair, and thus, I would retire the highchair to our garage. I took it outside for a good washing before hauling it to the garage. Not suprisingly, I got distracted and forgot it there outside...in the cold....wet...and alone...already forgotten about.

It makes me sad that my boy is already graduating to the table and leaving his highchair behind. Am I strange that this makes me tear up? Before I know it we'll be celebrating his 18th birthday and he'll be leaving the nest.

This nest that I'm working so hard to create. A nest that, I hope, is warm, safe, fun and protected.


I'd like to keep my little birdy here with me, warm in our little nest.

Perhaps he should have one last meal in his highchair. I mean, it's only right outside the door...I'll just pull it inside tomorrow when my little guy is ready for breakfast.

Which will be bright and early.

Have I mentioned that Logan's a morning bird?

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