Farewell 2008

A year filled.
A year closing.
The year of Logan's birth.
The year that our family became a family of four.
The year my little girl turned two.
The year Abigail became a sister.
The year I became a mother of two, under two.
The year John and I faced some of the most difficult trials--head on, as a couple.
There were times we danced through our trials with grace, but many times we were crawling on our knees praying to God to help us through.
The year we received many of the Lord's blessings.
The year my faith grew into a new and deeper faith.
The year that I finally realized I am a full fledged adult.
The year of deeper prayers.
The year of family.
The year I meet my niece.
The year I was reintroduced to my nephew.
The year that I was able to see my sister and Peter.
The year that taught me the most important thing in life is God and family...nothing else matters--even though it is sometimes a struggle to not get caught up in all the other junk of life.

Hello 2009!
I'm sure I'll learn even more this year.
I'm sure my kids will amaze me even more.
I'm sure my husband and I will grow even closer.
I'm sure my faith in the Lord will deepen.

I am grateful for life and hope to live it well.

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