It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Today was the day that I was going to create our very own winter wonderland in our house. Okay, that's a bit much....basically, today was the day that I planned to decorate our home to reflect this wonderful Christmas season.
I had visions of me, John, and our two beautiful bouncing babies hanging bulbs on the tree, laughing together as we sipped hot (okay lukewarm) cider, Christmas carols playing in the background, each one of us hanging up the stockings....you get the picture.

Here's how it actually played out.

I quickly realized that it would be wise to begin the decorating process once Logan went down for his nap. Logan is in that phase where he is tearing everything apart, putting everything in his mouth, trying to climb the tree, etc. He's like a little terrier dog. He never stops! He's always in motion! he's always into something!

Allow me to digress...Abby's no better. I spend my days running, sprinting, racing, trying desperately to keep one step ahead of them both. For example, this morning Abby and Logan were eating breakfast and I was talking on the phone. While I was distracted with my phone call, here's what they did...

This photo does not really capture the mess that these two monkeys made. They both painted their faces with their blueberries--yep, both had blue faces and blue hands. They also threw their food all over the kitchen. Naughty!!!

A little later in the day, Abigail came to me with Vaseline rubbed all over her face and arms. She said, "look mom, i put ipstick on!"

Not long after that Abby walked through the room with just her shirt on. No panties. Just a shirt. I said, "where's your panties?" She just laughed and said that she does not wear panties anymore.

A few moments later I found Logan...crawling into the dishwasher.

Where was I? Oh, yeah...creating my cozy winter wonderland. Here's how it went: I ran around as fast as possible trying to hang, create, organize, arrange, and display all of the Christmas decorations. John watched football....but he did help...i'd post a picture of that...but he was in his unmentionables aka: boxers.... :)

In the end, I decided that Christmas decorations stress me out. I really hate clutter and trinkets. And have you ever noticed that putting Christmas stuff on every shelf, ledge, and surface feels a bit cluttered? So, I de-cluttered and I am now happy with our Christmas beautification.

Do you want to know the most fun part for Abby and Logan. it was not the lights, not the music, not the tree, not the stockings.

It was a box and some post-it notes.

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