The Mission Inn at Christmas

One of my most favorite hotels is The Mission Inn in Riverside. It is beautiful and looks like a majestic old castle. This is the first year that we visited it at Christmas time. Oh my, do they out do themselves!! There are lights everywhere! There's an ice skating rink, there is music and HUGE Christmas tree, and perhaps best of all Cinderella type horse rides. We started the night with a nice dinner at the hotel---if we do this again next year, we'd skip this part....nice sit down dinners do not mix well with toddlers and babies! After dinner we walked around and enjoyed all of the Christmas festivities! One fun part...it was COLD! It really felt like a winter wonderland! Here's Abby and my cousin's daughter Savannah. They get along really well! They were holding hands and singing Jingle Bells.
Me and my two favorite boys!
The carriage ride. Abby loved this. She screamed Jingle bells as we rode through the streets. She told me that she was Cinderella and we were going to a ball. Fun!
Us and our Abby.

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