My Sister

well, really her name is Rebecca Nicole formally Hurley, but now a Bunnell.
that's my sister.
She's a missionary.
In Mongolia.
That's in between China and Russia.
Don't lie--you didn't know where it was, did you??
I didn't know where it was until she said one day about four years ago, "I think Peter (her perfectly suited for Becca husband) and I are going to go to Mongolia to be missionaries."
"huh?" I so eloquently said, "where's Mongolia?"
And so the adventure begun.
A year of planning.
A baby boy, Weston (my nephew)
Packing big wooden crates to ship over seas.
I remember that day.
A big wooden crate.
A small blond baby boy.
My sister and her husband.
So brave.
So sure.
A final Christmas together.
A final day trip together.
We went to Newport Beach.
Ate at the Crab Cooker.
John held up Weston high in the air.
Face to face.
Weston laughed.
And then he drooled a large string of drool into John's mouth.
An uncle was born.
Funny thing to remember about that day.
We said goodbye.
They left.
We're sisters, so...
...we called...
...we wrote...
...we Skyped...
...we sent boxes...
...she came back early...
...for the birth of my first baby, Abigail.
She was there with me, and John...
...in the hospital room...
...she kicked people out when I was too overwhelmed...
...she took the pictures of my little girl (with a BIG head! ug!) emerging...
...she cried...
...she told me that Abigail was so beautiful before I saw my baby for the first time.
She left again.
Back to Mongolia.
Lots of talks.
Lots of letters.
Lots of love.
Another baby.
My niece Sierra.
Born in Thailand.
I remember how shocked my sister was to have a girl.
More talks.
More calls.
More emails.
Lots of emails.
Thank goodness for emails.
Another baby.
My turn.
It's a boy.
Funny story.
Water broke...
while I was sitting at my kitchen table...
With our Realtor!
Becca called right then.
I was shocked that I was going to have a baby that night!
I wasn't due for three more weeks.
She talked to me over the phone while I waddled around the house trying to get a bag packed.
She reassured me.
She told me two kids is twice the love and not to worry.
She called every hour.
I remember she was talking to my mom while I pushed.
She was there.
Over the phone.
Nothing can replace a sister.
She's home now for a few more months.
It's been GREAT!
Lots of love.
Lots of talks.
Lots of screaming kids.
Lots of sharing mommy techniques and frustrations.
Just felt like writing about my sister.
This is just a glimpse.
So much more that I can say!
Not enough blog space.
Love you sister!
No matter where you are!

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