My view

No matter what I'm doing these days...my hair or makeup, washing the dishes, talking on the phone, watching TV, folding clothes....this little boy crawls over to me and pulls himself up on my leg -- and just stands there, holding on to my leg, staring at me, sometimes yelling at me. But, really....how could I be mad with a view like this?

Then I've got my Abby girl...she's stubborn these days about most things--one main battle is getting her dressed in the morning. She would wear underwear and nothing else...if I allowed her. So, on Sunday morning she informed me that she was ready for church. Take at look at this....pretty awesome, huh? (Oh, and she was dragging around a bag full of my old (non-nursing) bras. Yep, sure Abby....go ahead and take that to your church class!)

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