This week I am in San Diego on vacation with:
my husband
my kids
my sister & brother in law
my niece
my nephew
my mom & dad

Today we walked to the beach to watch the sunset. It was glorious! (and I forgot my camera) The kids collected sea shells (and by kids I mean all of us), and we put our fingers in sea creatures and looked at crabs.

Weston, my nephew, found a big shell. On the walk back to the house I was walking behind Weston and Uncle John. Here's what I overheard:

Weston: "Uncle John, I still have my huge shell!"
John: "uh-huh. What do you think lives in that shell?"
Weston: "I don't know?"
John: "I know what lives in that shell. A sea dragon lives in that shell."
Weston: "wow!"
John: "do you know what a sea dragon looks like?"
Weston: "no"
John: "they are very scary. They are green. And they have very sharp teeth!"

******long pause*****

Weston: "wow"
John: "You know, only really brave people have sea dragon shells!"

****long pause and time for Weston to really process thsi statement****

Weston: "wow, then I am really brave!"
John: "only hero's have sea dragon shells."
Weston." what is a hero?"
John: "a hero is someone who is very brave and very special."
Weston: "I am very very brave. I am a hero!"
John: "yep"

What a great conversation to overhear....an uncle building up his young nephew.

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