Rain and Wine stoppers

I love the sound of rain...in fact, it is my most favorite nature sound. It is also rare here in Southern Cali, so when it rains it is like a main event that takes center stage in our home. This morning when I woke, I heard it.
Falling on the ground.
Falling on the roof.
Falling against my window.
It gave me a burst of energy as I jumped (that's a lie) out of bed. I thought to myself, "I've gotta have a look!" So I tiptoed into Logan room (he was awake), and I told him, "look little handsome (that's what he's called) it's raining!!!" It was, after all, my "little handsome's" first big rain storm--so we sat, well I sat and he nursed, and we watched the rain falling down from the sky.

Then I woke up Abby (whom I affectionately call "beauty") and she promptly told that we needed an umbrella!!

That is how my day started--fast forward 25 minutes and I was running around yelling at my kids like a crazy woman. Why? Why you ask? Because they are crazy and they cause so much trouble and Abby is really naughty lately and I am TIRED! I cannot seem to keep my head above water--between the kids, my job, the housework, being a wife, and everything else...I am failing at juggling all the balls and keeping them all in the air.

It's hard.

It's tiring.

It's discouraging.

My house is messy.

My work is undone.

My two year old is giving me a run for my money.

My 10 month old is playing in the toilet water.

My husband and I need a date night!

So, fast forward another 3 hours and I'm leaving the mall--in near tears. Let's just say that Christmas shopping with two small kids is HARD and usually very unsuccessful! So, after only buying one gift, I gave up, loaded the kids, got in the car (still admiring the beautiful God sent rain) and called my mom.

I drove.

I talked.

I cried.

My mom said, "I was thinking of coming out tonight."

I said, "YES!!"

Fast forward another 5 hours and "Horray, Nana's here!" My mom is awesome. She always encourages me. I am blessed by her. Always. So, after Nana arrived I did what any self respecting tired mother of two young kids would....I left.

I went Christmas shopping.


In the beautiful rain.

I didn't have to load stroller, fight with a toddler, calm a baby, bribe with candy, hold a bottle, threaten a spanking.

I just parked the car.

Opened the door.

And walked into the store.

WOW! I forgot how easy shopping is without kids.

I bought many gifts. I even made it out of Bed, Bath and Beyond without spending money.

Okay, that's a lie. I bought a new tablecloth and some wine stoppers. But I did pass up the high tech trash can, a new soap dispenser, the egg yoke separator, and the high tech cheese grater.

Gotta love Bed, Bath and Beyond.

And Nana.

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