Little Red Bag

Grandma was here yesterday. One benefit of Grandma? The little red bag that she brings with her. Abigail was in heaven! What's in the little red bag? Take a look...I'm sure you'll figure it out.

What a nice grandma to let Abigail put on her makeup. Layer after layer after layer....you get the point.


My baby boy turns one

One year ago on January 25th at 1:45am a screaming baby boy emerged and my life has never been the same. I can remember it like it was yesterday...or a year ago:
  • There I was, 37 weeks pregnant, sitting at the kitchen table signing paperwork with our Realtor
  • My dad, sitting on the couch watching Little Mermaid with Abigail
  • My mom, sitting at the kitchen table with me--providing experience and counsel with yucky Realtor paperwork.
  • John, on his way home from work
  • The time, 6:00ish, pm
  • All of a sudden, but very subtly, I feel a "water breaking" type of feeling. I think to myself, "No, that can't be right--in fact, I think that must have been a different type of strange pregnancy feeling. I mean, I'm not due for three more weeks!"
  • I continue on trying to focus on paperwork....but really I'm just thinking about that "water breaking" type of feeling that just took place.
  • I decide the best thing to do is excuse myself to the ladies room so I can check things out.
  • I shift in my chair ever so slightly--and before I get words, "I'll be right back" out of my mouth, a big gush of water fills my pants.
  • Yep, no denying that my water just broke.
  • In that moment I felt panic, denial, fear, excitement--and well, embarrassment...I mean I'm sitting across from a man, a complete stranger!
  • I give my mom a look that she says, "she'll never forget," and announce to the room that my water just broke.
  • My dad jumps up from the couch and spins around.
  • My mom looks completely shocked.
  • My Realtor--he packed up his paperwork and ran from our house! :) ha!
  • The phone rings--it's my sister, calling from Mongolia
  • The back door opens, it's John.
  • My mom yells, "Shauna's water just broke!"
  • John looks shocked
  • I'm still sitting in the chair
  • I start to cry
  • Abby walks over to me--I realize it's the last night that she'll be our only little one. She'll soon meet her brother.
  • I talk to my sister as I waddle around the house trying to pack for the hospital.
  • John drives me to the hospital--he's driving like a bat out of hell! Pretty funny. I calmly remind him that I'm not really in any major pain, so he can slow down. He flips an illegal U--hops the curb to get into the hospital parking lot.
  • Almost 8 hours later, I pushed three big pushes and out comes our little Logan. He was little--and easier to get out than his apple head sister! I was shocked. It went smoothly, so quickly, it's over...here's my boy, on my chest, he's beautiful, he's crying loudly, he looks like daddy.
A few days later we took him home to meet his sister and get settled into life. He was a HARD newborn. He cried A LOT! He was hard to sooth. He cried for hours sometimes. He didn't sleep. I think he had some colic. It was rough. I drove him around in the middle of the night. We listened to the Beatles. He still didn't sleep! We watched movies from 2-5am. He cried. I cried. He was beautiful. He had a precious way about him.

By six months he cried a lot less. We made it out of the colic months! Now he was rolling, cooing, playing, eventually crawling, standing, eating solids, playing, drinking out of cups! Boy--the first year is a busy one with so many "firsts."

Now, at one, Logan is happy, flirty, adventurous, determined, stubborn, touch, and has a funny little sense of humor. He loves to play outside. He loves to bug Abigail (it's begun already!), he loves wrestling, he loves life, he had the BEST smile!

I can't believe he is one. Now if he can just start sleeping through the night! :)

We love you Gogan! (Abby's affectionate name for him)


Party Preparation

Tomorrow is Logan's first birthday! I can't believe it! We are having his party today. So, this morning I've been in party preparation mode! Here's what we've done so far:

Abby helped me make cupcakes and a cake. She cracked the eggs, poured the batter, and of course, licked the spatula!

I'm making monkey cupcakes and a jungle themed cake for Logan. I will show you the results once I finish them. I hope they look cute!

While Abigail and I baked, Logan crawled around and ate Cheerios off the floor.

As I end this post, Abigail's picking hardened chocolate off of herself and Logan's eating a pretzel as he watches Tarzan...thus the reason for the jungle theme.
Logan loves Tarzan...I can't explain it, but it's the only thing he sits still for.


A box, some rain, and a wild animal in the backyard

It's been such a busy January! I've been caught off guard with my to do list...it seems to grow each day. But amongst my list we've been having some fun. Check it out.

Got a box? It'll be hours of fun!
It rained! Abby finally got to use her new umbrella. She thought is was far more fun to spin in circles than actually keep the rain off her precious head! After a few minutes of standing in the rain, I took Abby's miniature umbrella....what?... it was raining and she was busy spinning in circles!
One day I found wild animal tracks in our backyard. I later found out that it was a rowdy baby boy in yellow pants. We are all safe, the animal is now asleep in his cage...I mean crib.


An honest look at motherhood

One thing that I do not like about my blog, and many other motherhood blogs, is that we all rant and rave about how wonderful motherhood is. About how beautiful and brilliant our children are. About how we've planned the most delicious dinner menu for our husbands and toddlers. (okay, I've never made that claim because I'm just not that talented). But, you get the point...most of my blog posts show fun pictures of my children and my family, and talk about the cute things that my kids do, and such.


There is a very different side to motherhood. The side that is hard. The side that is HARD!

So, let's get honest.

Here goes...motherhood sucks the life out of me. Harsh? Yep. Honest? Yes.

Lately a big bunch of my time is me trying my hardest to survive motherhood. My toddler makes requests every .3 seconds. She is ALWAYS telling me she "wants" or "she "needs." It goes like this: I need orange juice. I need my pink pants. I want to go to the park. I don't want to go to the park. I want to go to the big park. I don't like the big park, I need the small park. I don't want orange juice, I want apple juice. I'm afraid of my pink pants, I need my tights.

That type of conversation takes about 15 seconds--there are 86,400 seconds in a day. If you do the math it ends up being about 5760 15 second conversations about what Abby "needs" or "wants." Mind numbing thought, isn't it?

Another BIG area of motherhood that sucks the life out of me is the giant lack of personal space and time. My Abby is a mama's girl. She requires a whole lot of me to make her happy. She needs to sit on my lap. She needs to play with my hair. She needs to be the closest to me in all situations. She needs to own me. Logan is still nursing. he loves to nurse. He refuses milk. I'm not sure how to wing him. So, he needs my body, in a different way. All of it is tiring. It is down right exhausting! I makes me angry sometimes. I just want to sit on the couch without the big dash for mommy's lap. Can't I just sit down sometimes without a child pulling at my leg, playing with my hair, whining in my ear, screaming for my attention. I just want to own my attention. Just sometimes. Like for 20 minutes. Every other day.

Another hard part of motherhood is that I do not own the way I spend my time. Gone are the days of sleeping in, going to a hair appointment, going jogging, watching a movie, spontaneity of any kind, lazy nights with my husband, and running multiple errands--nope, usually three errands are the max. After three stops my kids are either hungry, tired, need a new diaper, or are tired of being dragged around. So, I plan my days accordingly. Around morning naps, afternoon naps, breakfast, lunch, snacks, juice box and diaper inventories, moods and requests of my children.

A few other hard parts...

Noggin--I'm so sick of it I could spit---but it is an evil necessity.
Potty training
Lack of sleep
a toddler who refuses to eat.

I could continue....but I do not want this post to sound like I'm bashing motherhood. I just thought a honest post about the battles of motherhood was in order.


Because I'm struggling this weekend. I'm tired. Abby has her first flu. I feel bad for her. I'm trying to comfort her, but she's a tough patient. I haven't slept in two nights.

John had a dentist appointment earlier this evening. I was actually jealous of him. When he left, I was at the dinner table with two screaming kids. Even the dentist seemed like a more relaxing option.

Harsh? Yep. Honest? Yes.

Now, don't get me wrong....I could rattle off 168 wonderful things that my kids are doing right this second.


That is another post. For another time.

As I close this post...I have a crying Abby on my shoulder...she "needs" me, she needs my lap, my hair, my body, my mind, my soul!!!! And I just pulled an acorn out of Logan's mouth.

Duty calls...


Strange thing....

Logan loves my stomach.
My post-two-babies-in-two-years-not-at-all-tight-dare-I-say-flabby stomach! It makes him so happy. He will giggle with glee as he digs his little baby hands into his previous address. After he plays smushy mushy with my stomach, he lays his little head on it and is completely content.

Isn't that funny?!
Isn't that strange?

I say, it is well worth the smush and the mush of my "no bikini-nope, never again" stomach. I traded in my bikini days for two big smiling babies...one who can't get enough of his mama's tummy!

Not a bad deal.


Thank Goodness for Daddy....

John is a good dad.
He is fun.
He has dance parties with the kids.
He shares good music with the kids.
He teaches Abigail about fish and sharks--her new obsession.
He wrestles with Logan.
He disciplines.
He loves.
He reads stories.
He negotiates "just two more bites" at dinner time.
He corrects.
He trains.
He reassures.
He gives kisses for all ouchies, no matter the size.
He is better at playing than me.
He provides.
He protects.
He is a good dad.
I am grateful.


Mr. Busy

Logan is everywhere these days, and into everything! Need proof....no problem, I've got some evidence:
Here's Logan with a jingle bell in his mouth..he was so proud. Helping in the kitchenOne night I was putting Abby to bed, Logan crawled out of the room--I went to go find him...he was sitting in our shower in total darkness. Abigail would have never done that, Logan just laughed when he was found.
I caught Logan entertaining two elderly women on the sidewalk which you can see from our kitchen window. I didn't interrupt his little flirt session...I just snapped a picture.
Who needs a dog when Logan will eat the leftovers...from under the table!
Another Logan obsession...the broom. He'll always find a way to get it and swing it around.

Logan...and the rice cooker...

Logan in the utensil drawer...fun!

He's our little go-getter. I have a feeling we'll be in the ER a lot with Logan. He is fearless, stubborn, does not take no for an answer, persistent, charming, flirty, happy, and wonderful! I'm in trouble!!

Excuses, Excuses

I've been busy. To busy to blog. It's a shame. I will post tonight. I promise. Here's what has been eating my blog time this week!!

  • I've been working a lot!
  • Abby went to the doctors
  • Logan and Abby have been sick
  • John's working lots
  • John's finishing up a class
  • I have to try and find time (blog time!!) to clean
  • My husband and children expect me to feed them. (I know, annoying!)
  • I am required to bath my children every day...sometimes two times a day
  • Logan is Mr. Busy (stay tune for a post about that!)
  • Abby needs me....a lot....to turn on the TV, make "salad" outside, play with playdough (thanks Susan!!!), give horsey rides.
  • I am tired.
  • I am tired.
  • I am tired.
  • I lack creativity when I am tired.
  • I had a very important dance party in my living room last night--with John and the kids.
  • oh, and lastly, Logan got his first hair cut! Stay tune for pics of that!!
  • It's been like 80 degrees lately.....we've been outside a lot!
Abby's awake....gotta go attend to this list.


San Diego was awesome, here's why

We went to Sea World. One of the best parts of the day was when we walked by some Christmas carol singers. My usually cautious, timid, and shy daughter ran in front of the crowd, pulled up her shirt and started dancing like Kevin Bacon in Footloose. Weston and Sierra joined in the fun.
Some more Sea World awesomeness--the wall of ice in the polar bear exhibit. The Polar Bears owned Abby's heart that day--the wall of ice was a close second.
Walking down to the beach at midnight to ring in the New Year. My dad stayed home with the sleeping kids--so thanks Dad! Oh, and I think I'm pretty cool for even posting this picture...I mean, check out my neck fat! Can you say New Year's resolution??

Ringing in the New Year on the beach. I LOVE the beach. I would live there if it were affordable. I would strap my kids to a beach cruiser and never look back!
Abigail and Weston eating cake like it was 1999!
Abby wore her awesome hat. I don't know why, but it makes me very happy when my children wear cute beanies.
Being outside and looking at the Lord's creation.

Relaxing with family, and when I say "relax" I mean chasing four kids under the age of five around for five days straight. Tiring? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely!


15 random things about me...

  1. I don't care about having a nice car. I'm not a car person, I've never been a car person, I'm sure I'll never be a car person.
  2. I hate doing my nails! I really cannot stand painting my nails. Each stroke of the little paint brush is like a slow calculated form of torture.
  3. I will eat an entire box of chocolate. Especially if it's chocolate with peanut butter...I'm fairly certain that chocolate and peanut butter were specifically designed by the Lord to bring me a moment of happiness.
  4. Up until this year, I have never sent out a Christmas card. It's just never been on my December "to do" list.
  5. I rarely pick up toys are night. I figure that not picking toys at night, actually saves me time in the morning. When the kids wake up--viola! there are their toys. convenient!
  6. I do not take maternity pictures. My stomach gets really huge and it's just better to not try and have some touching pull-my-shirt-up-check-out-my-pregnant-belly memorabilia moment.
  7. I allow my kids run/crawl around naked after a bath. It's cute and shouldn't I just allow them that freedom until it's just not acceptable.
  8. i don't get enough sleep. Tired is the new cool.
  9. I don't watch the news. I am completely oblivious to what happens day to day. I get about an hour of TV time at night....I prefer to watch The Office. Judge me if you will.
  10. One of my biggest pet peeves is washing dishes with a long sleeve shirt on. No matter how hard I try, I will always end up with some water on the wrist part of my shirt...and I truly just cannot stand the feeling of wet sleeves.
  11. I love trees.
  12. I love pickles.
  13. By the end of the day, I have baby spit up and snot on both of my shoulders--you know, that's where babies & toddlers lay their heads....their snotty, spit up-y little heads.
  14. My middle name is Lee--after my father, Lee.
  15. I watching Veggie Tales as I type...and there's a baby pulling at my leg, saying....turn off your computer!


A Night Owl trying out the Early Bird thing...

One of my new goals is to wake up BEFORE my kids do. Do you realize what a total and complete sacrifice this will be for me? I mean, I am NOT a morning person. I love my warm bed. It's still dark outside! I really love sleep. I am still waking up at night with Logan--so I really really need sleep.


I feel that it is important to my sanity to start practicing this discipline. It will make me a better mom. It will make me a better person. It will be hard!

Have I mentioned how much I like to sleep.
In my warm bed.
When it's still dark outside?
After nursing a baby in the middle of the night?
I'm just saying....

So, it is my goal to arise when John wakes up (or maybe after he's out of the shower), and get my cup of coffee, and sit...alone....with no kids....no TV...no husband....just me....and God. Yep, I want to read a devotional I got--The Power of a Praying Parent. I'm sure you've heard of this series...I have the Power of the Praying Wife--I'd like to make an effort to pray for John and my kids. By praying for them, I will feed my own heart. I really believe it will make me a better mom and a better wife. So, while it's a sacrifice--I think it'll be worth it.

I'm going to take a shower now. Alone. With no kids. Which means I can actually turn the water to really hot! That's the way I prefer to take my showers---very hot water and every so often, without babies! :)