15 random things about me...

  1. I don't care about having a nice car. I'm not a car person, I've never been a car person, I'm sure I'll never be a car person.
  2. I hate doing my nails! I really cannot stand painting my nails. Each stroke of the little paint brush is like a slow calculated form of torture.
  3. I will eat an entire box of chocolate. Especially if it's chocolate with peanut butter...I'm fairly certain that chocolate and peanut butter were specifically designed by the Lord to bring me a moment of happiness.
  4. Up until this year, I have never sent out a Christmas card. It's just never been on my December "to do" list.
  5. I rarely pick up toys are night. I figure that not picking toys at night, actually saves me time in the morning. When the kids wake up--viola! there are their toys. convenient!
  6. I do not take maternity pictures. My stomach gets really huge and it's just better to not try and have some touching pull-my-shirt-up-check-out-my-pregnant-belly memorabilia moment.
  7. I allow my kids run/crawl around naked after a bath. It's cute and shouldn't I just allow them that freedom until it's just not acceptable.
  8. i don't get enough sleep. Tired is the new cool.
  9. I don't watch the news. I am completely oblivious to what happens day to day. I get about an hour of TV time at night....I prefer to watch The Office. Judge me if you will.
  10. One of my biggest pet peeves is washing dishes with a long sleeve shirt on. No matter how hard I try, I will always end up with some water on the wrist part of my shirt...and I truly just cannot stand the feeling of wet sleeves.
  11. I love trees.
  12. I love pickles.
  13. By the end of the day, I have baby spit up and snot on both of my shoulders--you know, that's where babies & toddlers lay their heads....their snotty, spit up-y little heads.
  14. My middle name is Lee--after my father, Lee.
  15. I watching Veggie Tales as I type...and there's a baby pulling at my leg, saying....turn off your computer!

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