Mr. Busy

Logan is everywhere these days, and into everything! Need proof....no problem, I've got some evidence:
Here's Logan with a jingle bell in his mouth..he was so proud. Helping in the kitchenOne night I was putting Abby to bed, Logan crawled out of the room--I went to go find him...he was sitting in our shower in total darkness. Abigail would have never done that, Logan just laughed when he was found.
I caught Logan entertaining two elderly women on the sidewalk which you can see from our kitchen window. I didn't interrupt his little flirt session...I just snapped a picture.
Who needs a dog when Logan will eat the leftovers...from under the table!
Another Logan obsession...the broom. He'll always find a way to get it and swing it around.

Logan...and the rice cooker...

Logan in the utensil drawer...fun!

He's our little go-getter. I have a feeling we'll be in the ER a lot with Logan. He is fearless, stubborn, does not take no for an answer, persistent, charming, flirty, happy, and wonderful! I'm in trouble!!


  1. What great pictures! He is Mr. busy. He is fast. You better start working out to keep up with him. I love all this pictures, too cute!!


  2. Awwwww, I love your blog! I didnt even know you had one {thanks to Facebook- I do now}!!!! Your kiddos are soo cute and you are the sweetest mom.

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! xoxo