My baby boy turns one

One year ago on January 25th at 1:45am a screaming baby boy emerged and my life has never been the same. I can remember it like it was yesterday...or a year ago:
  • There I was, 37 weeks pregnant, sitting at the kitchen table signing paperwork with our Realtor
  • My dad, sitting on the couch watching Little Mermaid with Abigail
  • My mom, sitting at the kitchen table with me--providing experience and counsel with yucky Realtor paperwork.
  • John, on his way home from work
  • The time, 6:00ish, pm
  • All of a sudden, but very subtly, I feel a "water breaking" type of feeling. I think to myself, "No, that can't be right--in fact, I think that must have been a different type of strange pregnancy feeling. I mean, I'm not due for three more weeks!"
  • I continue on trying to focus on paperwork....but really I'm just thinking about that "water breaking" type of feeling that just took place.
  • I decide the best thing to do is excuse myself to the ladies room so I can check things out.
  • I shift in my chair ever so slightly--and before I get words, "I'll be right back" out of my mouth, a big gush of water fills my pants.
  • Yep, no denying that my water just broke.
  • In that moment I felt panic, denial, fear, excitement--and well, embarrassment...I mean I'm sitting across from a man, a complete stranger!
  • I give my mom a look that she says, "she'll never forget," and announce to the room that my water just broke.
  • My dad jumps up from the couch and spins around.
  • My mom looks completely shocked.
  • My Realtor--he packed up his paperwork and ran from our house! :) ha!
  • The phone rings--it's my sister, calling from Mongolia
  • The back door opens, it's John.
  • My mom yells, "Shauna's water just broke!"
  • John looks shocked
  • I'm still sitting in the chair
  • I start to cry
  • Abby walks over to me--I realize it's the last night that she'll be our only little one. She'll soon meet her brother.
  • I talk to my sister as I waddle around the house trying to pack for the hospital.
  • John drives me to the hospital--he's driving like a bat out of hell! Pretty funny. I calmly remind him that I'm not really in any major pain, so he can slow down. He flips an illegal U--hops the curb to get into the hospital parking lot.
  • Almost 8 hours later, I pushed three big pushes and out comes our little Logan. He was little--and easier to get out than his apple head sister! I was shocked. It went smoothly, so quickly, it's over...here's my boy, on my chest, he's beautiful, he's crying loudly, he looks like daddy.
A few days later we took him home to meet his sister and get settled into life. He was a HARD newborn. He cried A LOT! He was hard to sooth. He cried for hours sometimes. He didn't sleep. I think he had some colic. It was rough. I drove him around in the middle of the night. We listened to the Beatles. He still didn't sleep! We watched movies from 2-5am. He cried. I cried. He was beautiful. He had a precious way about him.

By six months he cried a lot less. We made it out of the colic months! Now he was rolling, cooing, playing, eventually crawling, standing, eating solids, playing, drinking out of cups! Boy--the first year is a busy one with so many "firsts."

Now, at one, Logan is happy, flirty, adventurous, determined, stubborn, touch, and has a funny little sense of humor. He loves to play outside. He loves to bug Abigail (it's begun already!), he loves wrestling, he loves life, he had the BEST smile!

I can't believe he is one. Now if he can just start sleeping through the night! :)

We love you Gogan! (Abby's affectionate name for him)

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  1. How I love your blog. You make me smile, cry, laugh and remember. I love them all. Logan is so handsome. I think he will keep you hopping in his 2nd year of life. What a joy all my precious grand babies are too me.
    Mom and Na NA