A Night Owl trying out the Early Bird thing...

One of my new goals is to wake up BEFORE my kids do. Do you realize what a total and complete sacrifice this will be for me? I mean, I am NOT a morning person. I love my warm bed. It's still dark outside! I really love sleep. I am still waking up at night with Logan--so I really really need sleep.


I feel that it is important to my sanity to start practicing this discipline. It will make me a better mom. It will make me a better person. It will be hard!

Have I mentioned how much I like to sleep.
In my warm bed.
When it's still dark outside?
After nursing a baby in the middle of the night?
I'm just saying....

So, it is my goal to arise when John wakes up (or maybe after he's out of the shower), and get my cup of coffee, and sit...alone....with no kids....no TV...no husband....just me....and God. Yep, I want to read a devotional I got--The Power of a Praying Parent. I'm sure you've heard of this series...I have the Power of the Praying Wife--I'd like to make an effort to pray for John and my kids. By praying for them, I will feed my own heart. I really believe it will make me a better mom and a better wife. So, while it's a sacrifice--I think it'll be worth it.

I'm going to take a shower now. Alone. With no kids. Which means I can actually turn the water to really hot! That's the way I prefer to take my showers---very hot water and every so often, without babies! :)

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