Teachable Moments

I like to take little moments in life to teach my children. It goes a little like this:

"Mommy is making a salad. First I chop the lettuce, then the tomato..."
"Mommy is making her bed. See how I pull up the blankets..."
"Mommy is putting on her shoes. We all must put our shoes on before we leave the house..."
"Mommy is washing the floors. If mommy didn't clean our house would be dirty..."

Today my life lesson went like this...

Abby: "mommy, why are stopping" (we were in the car)
Mommy: "mommy is being stopped by a policeman
Abby: "oh wow! Hi Mr. Policeman!!"
Mommy: "hello officer, are you pulling me over because I was talking on my cell phone?"
Policeman: "yep"
Abby: "oh, policeman!!! fun!!"
Mommy: Thinks to herself---AWW CRAP!

Yep, I got a stupid ticket for talking on my phone. Did I deserve it? Yes. I have a bad habit of talking on my phone while driving.

I'm happy to report that my habit is now broken.

Thanks Mr. Policeman


"Look, I see snow!"


Yep, we drove up the not too curvy mountain road on a mission to show the kids snow. Real white snow. I have ZERO snow clothes, so we dressed them warm but both of their bums were cold and wet within 2 minutes. They didn't seem to care.

Was it fun? Hmmm....

Let's just say that about 200 other people had the same great idea of driving up to the snow. We could have driven higher, or to a different mountain, to find some of our own private fluffy snow.


I hate mountains.

I hate driving up mountains.

I hate heights.

So, up to the not-so-far-local mountain we went. It was crowded, but it was worth it. Abigail kept yelling "I SEE SNOW!" "THERE'S MORE SNOW!" "LOOK, IT'S SNOW!"

So, yes, It was fun. Because it is always fun to show your kids something they've never seen before.


Cabin Fever

It has been raining. A lot. Everyday.
Dark skies.
Wet ground.
Dripping trees.
Clean air.
That is the feeling when you're outside.

Step inside my home.
Teething baby.
Active almost 3 year old.

A mother.
Out of ideas.
A mother.
Who loves the rain!
Waits all year for the rain!
Cherishes the rain!
A mother
Is actually looking forward to the summer.

I think wer'e all suffering from a bit of cabin fever. (I couldn't imagine living somewhere where it was actually cold. I mean, I do after all live in Southern California!)

My goal today, figure out a way to let them run. For a long, long time. Wish me luck.


Signs of life

I read in a book that part of parenting small children is learning to live with constant messes. Okay, it's not like I had to read this in a book to understand that messes are a BIG part of parenting toddlers. I feel like my days are spent picking up one mess after another. Once I've completed cleaning up entire roll of unrolled toilet paper that Logan got to, I move onto vacuuming up the crushed up Cheerios from breakfast, then I start putting away the perpetual laundry that stacks up on every flat surface in the house.


This particular author said that a messy house shows that there is a lot of life being lived, and to look at messes as a blessing, because that means you've got healthy kids running around, etc. Kind of a cool way to look at it.

So, today I count my



Happy Valentine's Day

May your day be filled with lots of love!


Dark Days

Here are some statistics that I've recently heard--at church and at a mom group I attend:
  • 2.6 million jobs lost in 2008
  • 524,000 jobs lost in December 2008
  • 598,000 jobs lost in January 2009
  • 7.6% unemployment rate (highest in 16 years)
  • 1 out of every 4 teenage girls have an STD
  • 1,100 teenage girls will have an abortion today
  • 1,300 teenage girls will give birth today
  • 211 elementary children will be arrested today for drugs
  • 4 out of 10 teenage girls have had an abortion
  • 6 teenagers will take their lives today
I mean WOW!

Lately I feel like life is just hard--no way around it. Those that I love struggle with sickness, mental illness, joblessness, depression, grief, financial troubles, and the list goes on. I mean, when did life become so real. I don't know if that sounds strange--maybe life has always been hard for you; but there was a time when life was relatively carefree for me. Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderfully blessed life that I wouldn't trade for anything. I have an amazing husband who loves the Lord and his family. I have two kids that steal my heart each morning.


Life is difficult. As I get older (31 next month people!!), I continue to realize that there are no guarantees in life and the only way to keep on trekking is by the strength and grace of the Lord. Life does not guarantee health, financial success, perfect children, a perfect marriage, a booming economy, or a safe place for our children to grow.


The Lord promises that he will never leave us. He will meet our needs. He will provide wisdom. He will provide safety. He will bear our burdens.

How does anyone live in this world without the assurance of Christ? I would be completely stressed out if I thought I made my own destiny! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to seek out God no matter what is happening in this world--because this is a hurting world that we live in.


A Rainy Day

It's been raining all week. I love the rain, but it also makes for a difficult day with the kids. So today, as we three are stuck in the house, I've had to get creative. We've colored, watched TV, playdoh-ed, swifter-ed (yes, my kids think that's fun), crawled through tunnels, played games, watched the rain, read books, played in a princess tent, etc. All of that and it's only 2:00pm! :) Whew! Here's some rainy day pics:

This picture above depicts Abigail's new obsession--"great white sharks." No, not blue sharks, reef sharks, horn sharks, not any other type of shark but a great white! She loves books with picutres of ocean life, and she can name a ton of the sea creatures--everything from a parrot fish to a batray. She loves it all but her heart belongs to the Great White. (oh, and his name is Bruce)


Five Years of Bliss

Today is a special day. Let's see...five years ago at this very moment I was at my parents house, probably just waking up and getting ready to get my hair done and drink some champagne and spend the day getting beautified.
Because at 4:00pm I walked down the aisle towards a boy I had meet about five years prior. I remember the day I met him.

We were both in college. His roommate and best friends had a little crush on my roommate and best friend. So, John (and Brandon) causally came by our apartment complex/dorm. John was pretty quite. Mostly just there to be a wing man to his buddy. I on the other hand was running around like a crazy hyper college girl! I'm surprised that he thought much about me at all!

Our best friends started dating--so of course we began to see more of each other. John was quiet, funny, the lead singer of a band (how dreamy), very good looking, and very very mysterious. I was very intrigued, but I never thought that he would look in my direction. I always thought of myself of a bit, well, boring.

But then one night, this mysterious-tall-good-looking-singer-English-major-ing-blue-eyed-guy asked me out!!

Over the next five years we dated, broke up, dated, broke up, and then became engaged. We didn't have a sugar coated dating relationship, which is something I'm grateful for because marriage is not always sugar coated either! John has always been trustworthy, brutally honest, secretly funny, extremely loyal, very loving, and I'm very blessed to have him as my husband.

So, five years ago on this very day we said "I do" for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death do us part. Now, five years later, after adding two kids to our life we have experienced very happy times, very hard times, sad times, mad times, peaceful times, turbulent times, frustrating times, and blessed times.

We have learned, and continue to learn, about how to walk through this life loving and supporting each other. Marriage is a serious thing, something that is not easy, it takes a lot of work, it's not always romantic, it's not always blissful, but it is a wonderful thing and I am extremely blessed that to call John my husband!

Here are five fun blissful things about my husband:

1. He has incredible taste in music! I love when he turns on his iPod and plays DJ for me and the kids. He never disappoints!
2. He is a fantastic cook! Yeah for me.
3. He is an excellent player with Abby and Logan--he knows how to "play" much better than I do.
4. He always fills my Christmas stocking with chick flicks and chocolate.
5. He loves art, music, literature, and movies and he graciously shares all of these cool things with me!


oh shoot--it's shot day!

Today Logan had his one year check up. He received four shots. Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Chickenpox, phenomena, and tetnis (sp?). I hate shot day. Or course I hate it because I have to hold my sweet baby's hands while he gets poked by needles, but more I hate it because of all the confusing information about childhood vaccines. The subject is a HOT one, and a confusing one! Some people think that the vacccines can cause autism, etc. But if you ask the Peditrician they will tell you that the shots are 100% safe and that they give them to their own kids. So, I trust the docter and allow my sweet baby to receive a boatload of vaccines at one time. But, as each needle went in I said a prayer that no harm would come to my little guy and that these medicines (which I am very grateful for) would only do good.

I hate that there's so much hype over childhood vaccines. It's confusing. It's stressful. It's scary.

Logan is asleep in his crib. With two bandaids on his cubby leg and two on his little arm. Poor baby.


First Word

Logan has uttered is first real word. I mean he says mamamama and dadadada...but we don't count those because it more of the sound than the word. But the other day at the dinner table he threw his cup on the ground, looked up at all of us as said "ut-oh." Is ut-oh a word? Not sure....but it's the first type of communication that was not a sound, but an acutally communicating--oh no, i dropped my cup! John and I started laughing. It's always strange to hear your little baby really truly communicate with an actual "word" for the first time. Now Logan is always saying ut-oh, and it makes me laugh. A few hours later he said da-da. Not dadadadada, but just da-da. So, da-da was a close second to ut-oh.