Five Years of Bliss

Today is a special day. Let's see...five years ago at this very moment I was at my parents house, probably just waking up and getting ready to get my hair done and drink some champagne and spend the day getting beautified.
Because at 4:00pm I walked down the aisle towards a boy I had meet about five years prior. I remember the day I met him.

We were both in college. His roommate and best friends had a little crush on my roommate and best friend. So, John (and Brandon) causally came by our apartment complex/dorm. John was pretty quite. Mostly just there to be a wing man to his buddy. I on the other hand was running around like a crazy hyper college girl! I'm surprised that he thought much about me at all!

Our best friends started dating--so of course we began to see more of each other. John was quiet, funny, the lead singer of a band (how dreamy), very good looking, and very very mysterious. I was very intrigued, but I never thought that he would look in my direction. I always thought of myself of a bit, well, boring.

But then one night, this mysterious-tall-good-looking-singer-English-major-ing-blue-eyed-guy asked me out!!

Over the next five years we dated, broke up, dated, broke up, and then became engaged. We didn't have a sugar coated dating relationship, which is something I'm grateful for because marriage is not always sugar coated either! John has always been trustworthy, brutally honest, secretly funny, extremely loyal, very loving, and I'm very blessed to have him as my husband.

So, five years ago on this very day we said "I do" for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death do us part. Now, five years later, after adding two kids to our life we have experienced very happy times, very hard times, sad times, mad times, peaceful times, turbulent times, frustrating times, and blessed times.

We have learned, and continue to learn, about how to walk through this life loving and supporting each other. Marriage is a serious thing, something that is not easy, it takes a lot of work, it's not always romantic, it's not always blissful, but it is a wonderful thing and I am extremely blessed that to call John my husband!

Here are five fun blissful things about my husband:

1. He has incredible taste in music! I love when he turns on his iPod and plays DJ for me and the kids. He never disappoints!
2. He is a fantastic cook! Yeah for me.
3. He is an excellent player with Abby and Logan--he knows how to "play" much better than I do.
4. He always fills my Christmas stocking with chick flicks and chocolate.
5. He loves art, music, literature, and movies and he graciously shares all of these cool things with me!

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