"Look, I see snow!"


Yep, we drove up the not too curvy mountain road on a mission to show the kids snow. Real white snow. I have ZERO snow clothes, so we dressed them warm but both of their bums were cold and wet within 2 minutes. They didn't seem to care.

Was it fun? Hmmm....

Let's just say that about 200 other people had the same great idea of driving up to the snow. We could have driven higher, or to a different mountain, to find some of our own private fluffy snow.


I hate mountains.

I hate driving up mountains.

I hate heights.

So, up to the not-so-far-local mountain we went. It was crowded, but it was worth it. Abigail kept yelling "I SEE SNOW!" "THERE'S MORE SNOW!" "LOOK, IT'S SNOW!"

So, yes, It was fun. Because it is always fun to show your kids something they've never seen before.

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