Signs of life

I read in a book that part of parenting small children is learning to live with constant messes. Okay, it's not like I had to read this in a book to understand that messes are a BIG part of parenting toddlers. I feel like my days are spent picking up one mess after another. Once I've completed cleaning up entire roll of unrolled toilet paper that Logan got to, I move onto vacuuming up the crushed up Cheerios from breakfast, then I start putting away the perpetual laundry that stacks up on every flat surface in the house.


This particular author said that a messy house shows that there is a lot of life being lived, and to look at messes as a blessing, because that means you've got healthy kids running around, etc. Kind of a cool way to look at it.

So, today I count my


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  1. I love it! I cracked up at the huge stuff animal. I remember the days. It never ends but the author is so true your kids are living in the home you are creating! I know you and all mother's of young toddlers feel like it will never end but it's so true that you blink and your kids are grown but it is really true. I can't believe my baby is going to be 31! It's kinda like you can't wait to be 16 years old and you blink and you are in your 30's.
    Anyway I love you pics and your honesty of what is means to be a stay at home Mom. But there truly isn't anything more rewarding.
    As I watch my beautiful daughters be at home Mom's I do believe all of our sacrifices have paid off. Two incredible Mom's with beautiful children.

    Heart and soul,