Teachable Moments

I like to take little moments in life to teach my children. It goes a little like this:

"Mommy is making a salad. First I chop the lettuce, then the tomato..."
"Mommy is making her bed. See how I pull up the blankets..."
"Mommy is putting on her shoes. We all must put our shoes on before we leave the house..."
"Mommy is washing the floors. If mommy didn't clean our house would be dirty..."

Today my life lesson went like this...

Abby: "mommy, why are stopping" (we were in the car)
Mommy: "mommy is being stopped by a policeman
Abby: "oh wow! Hi Mr. Policeman!!"
Mommy: "hello officer, are you pulling me over because I was talking on my cell phone?"
Policeman: "yep"
Abby: "oh, policeman!!! fun!!"
Mommy: Thinks to herself---AWW CRAP!

Yep, I got a stupid ticket for talking on my phone. Did I deserve it? Yes. I have a bad habit of talking on my phone while driving.

I'm happy to report that my habit is now broken.

Thanks Mr. Policeman

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