Approaching Three

Abigail will be three on April 8th. I'm already beginning to notice the fun parts of age three. Mostly I love what comes out of her mouth. For example:

  • She has named her rocking horse "Shampoo," which I personally think is a fabulous name!
  • She pretends that she is an animal--today she is Baby Kitty, I am Mommy Kitty, and she keeps asking where Daddy Kitty is...and I tell her that Daddy Kitty is at work so that his baby kitty's can have food for their tummy's.
  • She is very aware of emotions. She is always asking me these three questions: mommy you mad? Mommy you angry? Mommy you frustrated? (if only she was as perceptive when I am happy, joyful, or pleased).
  • After she has had a time out or has been disciplined she will tell me, "mommy, I angry at you. You hurt my feelings." geesh!! Have I mentioned that my Abby is very emotional, sensitive, and smart!
  • She plays with rollie-pollies in the backyard and this morning she named two "buzz" and "woody" She lost track of them in the grass, but didn't give up...she was yelling "I'll find you buzz!" while ripping out handfuls of grass. (buzz and woody were never found--much to their delight)
  • Abby is very into Angelina Ballerina. She dances around the house, kicking her feet high in the air, trilling until she falls, and bowing with conviction. She also makes John be "Alice" (who is Angelina's best friend), so John and Abby play ballerina's --John's role play comes complete with a British accent. (because all true Angelina fans know that she's British)


Green Thumbs

It was such a beautiful weekend that we just had to plant a garden. The sun beckoned it. The kids loved it. Abby was a champ at the actual planting. Logan ate dirt. We planted tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries, zucchini, and some flowers. Hopefully we'll have home grown tomatoes this summer...there's just nothing like it!


Best Buddies

Abigail and Jared were born within two months of one another. Their mothers are best friends. Jared is like a brother to Abigail since they've been around each other since they were born. It is fun to watch them together. They fight, they get angry, the hug it out, they laugh, they play, they hit each other (Abby's doing most of the hitting at the moment), they usually have a lot of fun together.
Jacqui and I laughed when they came around the corner on the bike. We always joke that one day Abby will be on the back of Jared's motorcycle!! (John does not think this is funny!)


Boundaries & White Flags

Have I mentioned that parenting is such a difficult task?
Well, it is.
And I'm sure I've mentioned it a time or two.

It really astounds me how difficult it is to be a parent. And hopefully a good parent. I am very aware that raising my children is the biggest job I'll ever have, and I want to do it well. I want to be a good parent. What is a good parent? Hmmm...many things come to mind, but I think one of the biggest, and most difficult parts of being a good parent is creating boundaries and teaching obedience. Here are some daily--no hourly-- boundaries in the Attwood home
  • No, you may not have juice
  • eat your food
  • Logan get out of the trash can
  • Logan stop throwing food
  • Abby stop hitting Logan
  • Abby do not kick your brother
  • Logan that is not your toy
  • Abby please share with your brother
  • Do not talk like that to mommy
  • Be kind to your friends
  • Share your toys
  • I said no
  • I said no
  • Don't ask me again
  • Do not talk to me that way
  • Stop crying, do not throw a fit or you'll go to your room
  • Go to you room
  • Stop screaming
  • Ask nicely
  • Come here
Boundaries. These statements may not seem like they are creating boundaries, but they are--in a two year old's world. They are teaching obedience to mommy and daddy, which ideally will flow into an obedience to Jesus. Sounds logical, scientific even; but the task of teaching a little person obedience is HARD!

It amazes me how the sinful nature appears so early. Even Logan will resist me and my boundaries...he's only 13 months old! Fast forward two years and he'll be in full blown toddler-boundary-testing-land. Abigail pushes the boundaries just about every second of the day. From the moment her big blue eyes wake up, she is testing me, pushing me, resisting the boundaries that we set for her. It is exhausting! There are situations where I'm so worn down that I just give up "holding the line" and wave my white flag and let her run right through my boundary. But, then I pick up my parenting weapon--which is prayer--and set that boundary up again. Because in less than two minutes the lessons in obedience will ensue.

I know that I need the Lord's power to be a good parent. It's too hard to do alone. It's impossible to have the wisdom and strength...and heck, I'm only at age two!! I cannot imagine my sassy, emotional, strong willed two-year-old as a 17 year old!


Running Circles

Logan has been crawling for about 7 months now. I think he has decided that he is completely content with crawling. Abby on the other hand is running circles around her brother. She is so ready for him to walk so that they can play together....come on little man, find your inspiration!



Today is my birthday.
I am 31.
A spring chicken as far as I am concerned.
Which is fitting, because today is a gloriously beautiful spring day. It's a lovely 75 degrees, with birds chirping and sun shinning.
I took the kids to the park. We had a picnic and then they ran (and crawled), which got them good and tired.
So, we came home and they both have been sleeping for an hour.
Happy Birthday to me!
What's even better....is I've used this napping time to putter around and do nothing. I sat outside. I hung my new hummingbird feeder right by the kitchen window so that we can (hopefully) watch our new birdie friends enjoy their nectar.
yep, just a birthday-spring-hummingbird-sunny day in the Attwood home.


Soda Baby

This morning I was making breakfast, and I thought to myself....hmmmm...strange how Logan is not hanging on my leg yelling for his breakfast! How peaceful I thought! Then I walked into the living room and saw this. nothing like a little Diet Coke for a one year old to start the day.


Overdue Apology

When I was a little girl I loved cats. I had too many to count...not all at once, but one at a time. Many of my feline friends died rather quickly. Bitten by a possum, ran over by a car, mysterious disappearances, kitty leukemia, etc. We did have one or two that lasted for a long time. Mr. Misty was my favorite. A good cat. A good cat because he really was a dog at heart.

Point is, my parents were gracious enough to continue on this kitty adventure until I outgrew it. Towards the end of my feline fixation my mother was told by a doctor that her chronic sinus infections were attributed to CATS.

Yep, my mother is allergic to cats. We never knew, but my poor mother always had sinus infections, due to my various cats. Her suffering = my cat

Fast forward 15 years and here I am just finally getting over my first sinus infection. Boy, do they hurt.

Mom....I am so sorry that you lived with sinus infections for so many years....

...because of my cats.


Loss of taste ...

I am really really sick. This morning I decided it was urgent that I receive care from a doctor, so off to urgent care I went. I took my little Logan. He's been really sick to and seems to be getting worse. After about an hour I found myself waiting in the line at the pharmacy.


Logan: Bronchitis
Me: Raging sinus infection

At least our visit was worth a co-pay and the loss of our Saturday morning. We got the drugs! yes! I am praying that I begin to feel better by morning...even just a small improvement would be noted and appreciated. My eyes feel like they are nearly swollen shut, and they also feel like they are on fire and have so much sinus pressure around them that I'm pretty sure at any moment they may just shoot right out of my head. I'm not sure I'd miss them. (okay that's a lie)

Also, my ear canals feels swollen...is that possible? Not sure? But last night, I accompanied Mr. Attwood to a high school play, which was fabulous! .....

.....Let me take a quick rabbit trail here. I am always always enthralled with plays--of any sort and of any talent level. If I could be a theater junky I would....but the Mr. doesn't like theater. Can you belive that nonesence?! Me either! This particular one was a musical called "How to Succeed at Business without even Trying" At was totally impressed with these high school students! They were awesome! It was a full house so the seating was tight. I was trying my hardest not to snuffle or blow my nose to loudly. At intermission (which I called half time...the Mr.'s sport addiction is rubbing of on me) me and John walked outside to get a coffee and people began to come up to us to chat--I swear I couldn't hear myself speak. I may have been yelling or barely audible, I really have no idea. My ears are so freaking plugged that I cannot hardly function in social situations such as this. After some chit chat John looked over at me and said, "you look like you're going to die. We need to go home." So off we went. I never got to find out how that fabulous play ended. darn it.

You know what is truly horrific about this sinus torture? I cannot taste food! Not sure how all of the sinus/ear/mouth wiring works, but if you get to messed up your taste buds loose their spunk and food definitely looses it's appeal.

A few moments ago I was standing in the kitchen, trying to will my broken buds to work. I was staring in the pantry and reminiscing about all of the different flavors. Salty Olives, my beloved chocolate, spicy jalapeno chips, sweet creamy yogurt. I honestly must say that it's really depressing. I really like food. And it's really not fun to eat when you cannot taste a darn thing.

I just heard the **ding** of the microwave. John's cooked something up. Lucky him.

I think I'll go take another shot of antibiotics and watch Food Network...


Bouncy Couchy

I found a little girl bouncing on the couch. See what I mean...


My two nemeses--with a small revision...

It has been an interesting week. I've been pulled over TWO times by the SAME motorcycle cop, I've been summons to jury duty, I'm pretty sure I have a cavity because my tooth hurts, both my kids are sick, I woke up sick this morning as well, and we had to pay mucho money to get our car worked on, and we have a looming tax appt this month.

Wow, such fun lately! :)

Throughout all of these events, the two things that are proving to be challenging are--giving my soon-to-be-three daughter her cough medicine, and trying to walk past the rice crispy treats without eating a bite on the run!

Abby's next dose is in an hour....wish me luck! (Let's just say that I have stained many towels and shirts due to Abby spitting out the medicine while kicking and failing her arms and legs)

The Silver Lining Revision: I now think I have a sinus infection. Why is that a silver lining? Well I can now cancel my dentist appointment...I think my teeth hurt because of my sinus infection....so no Novocaine for me! Yes!


A good breakfast

This morning at the breakfast table Abigail grabbed my hand and said:

"mommy, I want to hold your hand."
"mommy, you are beautiful"
"I love you mommy"

There are a lot of things that I dislike about the toddler age, but one of the best parts is when my girl says these kinds of things. It's not prompted. She's not trying to make me happy. She is completely genuine and that makes it so sweet and such a compliment.

After she poured out compliments to mommy, she looked at "gogan" and said:

"he a boy."
"what's his name?"

Apparently Logan did not have Abby's heart this morning.

I did.


Beyond tired

Abigail is sick. She has the really bad chest cold that's been going around. She has been up for two nights straight...which means I've been up with her. The hard part is that she seems to fall into a deep sleep about an hour before Logan wakes up in the morning. So, while she drifts off to sleepy land, I get up with Logan to start the day, around 6:00am. It's physically and mentally painful.

I am tired.

I am soo tired.

I am really really really tired.

It's only 3:00pm.

Another five hours of this day before I can put the kids down to bed.

But, there is no guarantee that Abby will sleep.

Which makes me feel kind of crazy.

Have i mentioned how stinkin' freakin' tired I am?

Just thought I'd remind you.

My bedtime countdown continues...