Approaching Three

Abigail will be three on April 8th. I'm already beginning to notice the fun parts of age three. Mostly I love what comes out of her mouth. For example:

  • She has named her rocking horse "Shampoo," which I personally think is a fabulous name!
  • She pretends that she is an animal--today she is Baby Kitty, I am Mommy Kitty, and she keeps asking where Daddy Kitty is...and I tell her that Daddy Kitty is at work so that his baby kitty's can have food for their tummy's.
  • She is very aware of emotions. She is always asking me these three questions: mommy you mad? Mommy you angry? Mommy you frustrated? (if only she was as perceptive when I am happy, joyful, or pleased).
  • After she has had a time out or has been disciplined she will tell me, "mommy, I angry at you. You hurt my feelings." geesh!! Have I mentioned that my Abby is very emotional, sensitive, and smart!
  • She plays with rollie-pollies in the backyard and this morning she named two "buzz" and "woody" She lost track of them in the grass, but didn't give up...she was yelling "I'll find you buzz!" while ripping out handfuls of grass. (buzz and woody were never found--much to their delight)
  • Abby is very into Angelina Ballerina. She dances around the house, kicking her feet high in the air, trilling until she falls, and bowing with conviction. She also makes John be "Alice" (who is Angelina's best friend), so John and Abby play ballerina's --John's role play comes complete with a British accent. (because all true Angelina fans know that she's British)

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